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The Atlantic wolffish — a face only a mother could love

What is striped, grows to be five feet long and has big chomper teeth all over the roof of its mouth? The Atlantic wolffish.,, There are three types of wolffish: spotted, northern and striped. The first two types are threatened and the third, the one that most interests Novaczek, is of special concern. In partnership with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO), Novaczek has been studying striped or Atlantic wolffish in Conception Bay since 2014…“In 2014 and 2015 we mapped Atlantic wolffish habitat in Conception Bay, with detailed characterization of some dens near Bauline. The dens are really important for wolffish — they pair, spawn and guard their eggs in these dens. Feeding debris at the den openings indicates they are also foraging in this habitat.” click here to read the story 10:12

New research debunks myth that shark derbies have a significant impact on blue sharks

As it turns out, blue sharks are travellers. Sharks tagged off NovaScotia are being caught far fromCanadian waters. “A lot of these tags are being recaptured way off in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, often by Spanish fishermen of all things,” he says. Read the rest here 10:18