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SEASWAP: How to stop a whale of a thief

Linda Behnken, the Executive Director of the Alaska Longline Fisherman’s Association was joined by Tori O’Connell, the Research Director of the Sitka Sound Science Center, to provide an update on SEASWAP (The Southeast Alaska Sperm Whale Avoidance Project). As O’Connell explains, the project just secured $311,000 in funding from NOAA’s Saltonstall-Kennedy Grant Program,,  The avoidance network will tag whales in the Chatham Strait black cod fishery and give fisherman devices to communicate where the whales are located. Listen, Read the rest here 09:30

Feds: Sperm whales near Miss. River are different!

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — About 1,300 sperm whales in the northern Gulf of Mexico may  be different enough from others in their endangered species to be considered for  specific protections, the federal government said Thursday. continue reading