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Plymouth fish market brings in record-breaking £1million ($1,130,7796.43) haul in a week

Plymouth’s fish market has recorded its first £1 million week. The Sutton Harbour market’s sales in the first three days of the week alone were than higher than in the whole of 1994, the last year of the old Barbican fish market. And the final tally yesterday was £1,002,000. Trawlers poured in a bumper harvest through the week, with cuttlefish leading the charge. David Pessell from Plymouth Trawler Agents said they sold 195 tonnes of cuttlefish, worth £600,000, most destined for Spain and Italy. “We have had more than 120 boats landing to us this week,” Mr Pessell said.

It was just a normal day…then a bomb rolled out of my catch

The skipper of a fishing trawler which brought a bomb into Sutton Harbour has told of the moment he found the device. Jordan Kay, 32, said Thursday morning was just another normal day for him and the crew of the Admiral Blake. They arrived back into Sutton Harbour at about 7am with the day’s catch, before releasing it two hours later. It was only then they discovered the device – thought to be a Second World War relic. Video, click here to read the story 09:21