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Can this province have a successful small boat cod fishery?

mza_1601165783653993600_255x255-75Tonight we speak with fishermen from the south coast of Newfoundland, where the province’s only commercial cod fishery currently exists, to get their take. Listen to the podcast here 12:43

Obituary: Radio host John Furlong was voice of rural Newfoundland

radio-microphoneThough his journalism career spanned more than 40 years, John Furlong may be best known for hosting CBC Radio’s The Fisheries Broadcast from 2005 to 2013. The Broadcast (as it is known) made its debut in 1951 and is one of the longest-running radio shows on the continent and an evening ritual for much of the province. As host, Mr. Furlong “was the voice of rural Newfoundland,” said Peter Gullage, executive producer of news for Newfoundland and Labrador. globeandmail Read more here  08:12

Canadian Cod, underharvested, What are Fishermen saying?

mza_1601165783653993600_255x255-75Pilot projects were announced yesterday to allow whole cod to be shipped into the US market, and also to address questions about quality. So what are harvesters saying about it? We’ll find out. [email protected] thefisheriesbroadcast  13:41

How does Nova Scotia compare with their haddock and cod fishery? – Struggles in the sea urchin fishery

The Fisheries Broadcast with Jamie Baker –  How does Nova Scotia compare with their haddock and cod fishery?  Click to listenStruggles in the sea urchin fishery   Click to listen  15:34

There is some market for cod on the south coast, after months with none – The Fisheries Broadcast

Did the Europeans ask Canada to relax restrictions around ownership of harvesting licences as part of CETA? [email protected]  16:04

The Fisheries Broadcast One Hour Phone in Special

One hour phone-in special Host Jamie Baker is joined by Jim Wellman, the managing editor for Navigator magazine and former host of The Fisheries Broadcast – as well as Jim Winter; former host, and the founding president of the Canadian Sealers Association. Who should do fishery science? Chefs, American chefs interloping in seal issues, The endangered cod? The hypocrisy of the EU stance on the seal hunt is astoundingly absurd. [email protected] 20:49

Canada: What’s missing from CETA deal? Some folks in the province’s sealing industry can probably give you an idea.

We’ve talked a lot about the things that were included in the CETA deal, but what might be missing from it? Some folks in the province’s sealing industry can probably give you an idea. listen @thefisheriesbroadcast  17:52

The Fisheries Broadcast with Jamie Baker

Baker | Alaska seafood: we could learn a thing or three

It’s always been a common way of doing business in eastern Canadian fisheries. When markets take downturns and prices dip, the answer is simple: catch more fish…But what if we did have an option? What if we actually had coordinated marketing for our seafood so that we could drive demand, instead of just increasing supply every time we hit a bump in the road? Seems like it’s working out fine for Alaska. [email protected] 09:22

As an avid listener to the Fisheries Broadcast, I find disappointment that the website’s podcast archives have become incomplete since Jamie Baker became the host. There are a number of missing podcasts that I would have linked to fisherynation.com, because they have bearing on New England’s groundfish issues. The basis for Baker’s article today was a discussion with an ASMI representative that would have been linked earlier in the week, and relinked to this post so you could listen to the conversation. I have communicated my concerns. BH

Are rebounding cod numbers really behind the decline in crab? The Fisheries Broadcast with Jamie Baker

CBC_News_logoWe’ll hear more concerns about the salmon escape in Hermitage Bay. [email protected] fisheriesbroadcast  13:38

Major salmon escape at a Cooke aquaculture site in Hermitage Bay – The Fisheries Broadcast with Jamie Baker

CBC_News_logoCooke Aquaculture says it lost up to 20,000 salmon from a sea cage on the south coast last week. The company said high tide and unusually strong currents caused the upset of a cage in Hermitage Bay on Sept. 18. thefisheriesbroadcast  09:05

The Fisheries Broadcast with Jamie Baker

Protecting sensitive coral zonesSensitive coral zones in the offshore may be off-limits to fishing, but what about oil drilling?  We find out more about corals and sponges and how they may or may not be protected.  And a new study looks at ways to predict fishery declines long before they happen. An update from the Matthew Legacy Committee A pilot project was put in place on the south coast this year, allowing many harvesters to get access to extra cod quota. But with the depressed market conditions and nobody apparently buying cod in 3Ps, some of those harvesters are now left wondering what all the fuss was about. [email protected]

The northern cod stewardship fishery comes under fire

CBC_News_logoIf you are a New England ground fisherman, and you are not paying attention to what’s going on in the Canadian cod issues that are being discussed on the Fisheries Broadcast, you are missing out on a lot of relevant information. It affirms that the cod are not over fished and the only issue is the border the Cod don’t recognize. [email protected] with Jamie Baker. Listen live @4:00 pm, M-F 16:23

The Fisheries Broadcast with Jamie Baker

CBC_News_logoBankruptcy proceeding for Gray Aqua is moving to New Brunswick, and a cod discussion begins @ minute 6:00 in the 30 minute broadcast. more here  12:30

The Fisheries Broadcast with Jamie Baker – What happens when you can’t sell the cod you already have?

Tonight you’ll hear why some fishermen on the south coast have asked government to give them an exemption to sell their cod outside the province. [email protected]  16:08

There hasn’t been a haddock fishery in this province in decades, but that might be about to change.

863a4ac9dc_64635696_o2Things are changing as rapidly off the Canadian coast of the Atlantic as they are off the New England coast, and the more I listen, the more I realize, our NOAA/NMFS ENGO driven government agencies are becoming climate denialists. [email protected]  11:08

Foreign vessels are catching lots of cod in NAFO areas next to us – Not everyone is happy!

CBC_News_logoThe Fisheries Broadcast with Jamie Baker – Monday September  9, 2013 – listen  20:26

Imagine the backlash if the fishing industry called for a ban of oil rigs on the Grand Banks? Georges at Risk!

Tonight we’ll tell you about a major fishing grounds in Nova Scotia that has been off limits to oil exploration for more than 20 years. [email protected]   with Jamie Baker 13:23

Baker | The problem of too much fish – (not just Halibut!)

If you’ve been listening to the Fisheries Broadcast lately you’ve been hearing about a peculiar problem: Seems there’s too much fish around, and it’s shagging up the fishery. Yes, you read that correctly.,,,,By now you may have heard that I will be replacing the irreplaceable John Furlong in the wheelhouse of The Fisheries Broadcast for the coming year. [email protected]09:19:14

The Fisheries Broadcast with Jamie Baker

Re-opening of the OCI plant in Fortune could be delayed  Scientists are keeping a close eye on cod in Newman Sound.radio-microphone

Continuing concerns on the south coast  about infectious salmon anemia  We’ll find out how vessel design rules are affecting new boat construction.

Some fishy DNA testing happening on the Humber River  Open net salmon farms, is the province moving too fast when it comes to aquaculture development?

The Fisheries Broadcast with Jamie Baker – Halibut, halibut and more halibut –

radio-microphoneWe hear from angry harvesters who feel they are being shut out of the halibut fishery.7/22/2013  [email protected]

The Fisheries Broadcast with John Furlong

Monday June  3, 2013 – Genetically modified salmon,  engineered to grow faster, Friday May 31, 2013 – More reaction to the issue of the CETA talks, Thursday May 30, 2013 – Reaction to the premier’s comment about Minimum Processing Requirements, and more here  Listen Live – Weekdays 5:30 p.m. NT/ 4:00 Eastern @ CBC Radio One

John Furlong – cbc The Fisheries Broadcast discussing the EU’s seal ban based on “moral” grounds

Canada begins the long and challenging process of trying to get the European Union’s ban on seal products overturned. Listen

Also the story of the Tragedy of the Florizel, 95 years ago. The radio broadcast, with feedback from listeners. I now have the link to the show in my favorites.