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Vision IV taking on her prawn trawls in Newlyn.

Built at Buckie’s famous shipyard, Zander Jack’s Vision IV is one of the largest prawn trawlers to visit Newlyn this summer…along with the Ocean Vision…trawling, especially twin-rig trawling requires the trawls, bridles and doors to be rigged and maintained to the highest order if they are to fish efficiently and effectively… 22 Photo’s, >click to read<22:42

Greenpeace wins permission to take UK government to court over fish quotas

The UK High Court has given the green light for a full judicial review into whether the UK fishing quota allocation system is unlawful under new European law. The government has given out fishing quota in largely the same way since the mid-90s. About 95% of the fishing quota is awarded to the larger end of the fleet, most notably domestic and foreign controlled industrial fishing businesses – such as the vessel Cornelis Vrolijk – which we previously exposed. It’s symbolic of just how broken the system is. (Breaks in text are links that open in new windows) Read the rest here 21:52

Does this sound familiar? An open letter to Fisheries Minsiter, George Eustice

It would be difficult to exaggerate the sense of frustration within the fishing industry over this year’s ICES advice, especially when read in conjunction with the Commission’s Communication on how it intends to approach the December negotiations this year. With a few exceptions, stock after stock displays low or declining fishing mortality and steadily rebuilding biomass. The advice also suggests that major cuts quota will be proposed for 2015. Read more here  21:52

48% of fishermen do not think their job is dangerous – statistically, 94 deaths in 10 years make it the most dangerous UK profession.

Research, launched today by Seafish, the industry authority on seafood, has shown that a quarter of fishermen have experienced a significant accident at sea where their life was at risk. Over half (52 per cent) of the fishermen surveyed agreed that their job was dangerous, yet only 25 per cent of fishermen said they regularly wear a Personal Flotation Device (PFD). Read more here  through the gaps blog  12:09