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Extreme makeover!

It’s been a 10-month grind, but Captain Justin Johnson and the crew of the Toledo trawl vessel Pegasus have a formidable machine for taking on not just a half million pounds of Pacific whiting at a shot but also the frigid conditions of a January Bering Sea. Thousands of tons of steel went into the project at the Toledo Boat Yard.  >click to read< 14:34

Newport: Two fishing vessels collide near the mouth of the jaws Monday evening – no injuries – photos, August 20, 2014, The F/V Blue Horizon and the F/V Pegasus,,, >click to read<

Toledo Boat Yard keeps crankin’ ’em out…

From Port of Toledo: Fishing Vessel Redeemer recently had a lot of work done on her at the Toledo Boat Yard – worked that was capped off with the traditional “re-Christening” of the vessel with a bottle of bubbly. The Port of Toledo’s crew celebrated with the F/V Redeemer’s owner, crew, family, and friends as the newly rebuilt vessel was launched. The boat is owned by Gary Ripka and recently featured in the Deadliest Catch: Dungeon Cove. The Redeemer fishes black cod, tuna, crab, and is set up to bottom fish. Video, click here to read the story 19:09