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Report released about Shea Heights fishermen’s tragedy

The Transportation Safety Board (TSB) released its report Monday about the sinking of the 22-foot open boat Pop’s Pride and the loss of four Shea Heights fishermen in September 2016. The findings have confirmed what many in the tight-knit St. John’s community have believed since the accident — the fishermen went out that morning in questionable weather conditions; the way the cod stewardship fishery was set up caused fishermen to take risks in order to land their weekly quotas; and small fishing vessels do not have sufficient communication and safety equipment onboard. The four Shea Heights fishermen, including three generations of the Walsh family — Eugene, Keith and Keith Jr. — and close friend Billy Humby, were lost after their boat overturned off the coast of Cape Spear. click here to read the story 20:16

Transportation Safety Board of Canada – Operating in poor weather conditions led to the 2016 fatal sinking of fishing vessel Pop’s Pride

In its investigation report (M16A0327) released today, the Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) found that adverse weather conditions led to the sinking of the small open fishing vessel Pop’s Pride and the loss of life of its four occupants in September 2016, off the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador. The report also highlights the continued need for focused and concerted action by all levels of government and industry members to fully address the safety risks and deficiencies that persist in Canada’s fishing industry. click here to read the press release 10:46