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Fuel Crisis: Fuel costs ‘jeopardising’ UK fishing fleet

Soaring fuel costs have now risen to a “level that jeopardises the viability of parts of the fleet” and could affect supply from UK fishing boats over the coming months, the National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations has warned.The viability of the fleet was currently being supported by high fish prices, the industry body said this week. However, the sector was still in an “inherently unstable and fragile balance”, which could soon result in vessels being taken out of the water.  The four fishing federations representing England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland that make up the NFFO recently met with fisheries minister Victoria Prentis to warn about the fuel “crisis engulfing the fishing industry”, it said. > click to read < 08:46

Online Event: Have your say on the fuel crisis!

This event will present an overview of the current fuel crisis from a number of perspectives and look to the future of fuel in the industry. Fuel prices are currently presenting a major challenge to the viability of the UK fishing fleet. The price of diesel and other fuels has risen considerably in recent months, meaning that many vessels are considering the feasibility of a range of strategies to remain profitable. The All Part Parliamentary Groupon Fishing event will present an overview of the current crisis from a number of perspectives, to include suggestions for how support from the government or other bodies could help the sector. >click to read and sign up to the event< 13:38

More Northern Ireland fishermen can’t afford to go to sea due to surging fuel costs

Harry Wick, CEO of the Portavogie based NI Fish Producers Organisation said that the rising cost of red diesel is making some 900 fishing related jobs in Northern Ireland increasingly vulnerable. “In terms of the price of fuel it is a very serious issue for us,” he said. “We currently have vessels tied up because it just isn’t economical for them to fish at the minute. “If red diesel prices stay above 90p for the remainder of the year they are looking at a 733% drop in operating profit. Now bear in mind anything over a 100% drop in operating profit means that you are operating at a loss. >click to read< 16:28

U.K. Fishing industry ‘on course to lose £300m post-Brexit’

Chief executive Barrie Deas said the best opportunity in years to boost the sector had been “squandered”, He said: “From reviewing these findings, the NFFO’s conclusion is that there are very few winners and a great many losers.,, “The best opportunity in a generation to revive the UK’s fishing industry and support our coastal communities has been squandered and we must act swiftly to learn from these lessons and support the sector in future negotiations.” UK Fisheries, which operates Hull’s last distant water trawler Kirkella, said they were “60 per cent down” on what they had been able to catch previously. >click to read< 07:32

Profit and turnover down as UK fishing fleet weathers a challenging year.

Our first economic performance estimates for 2020 show impact of pandemic on fishing industry. Fishing fleet performance in 2020 The total operating profit of the UK fishing fleet fell by almost a fifth in 2020 as the sector dealt with the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. The data we’re publishing today shows that: Operating profit fell by 19% from £264 million in 2019 to £214 million in 2020. Turnover, which had been above the £1 billion mark for the previous three years, fell to £843 million. This is a 17% reduction. These totals,,, photos, >click to read<22:26

A look at what the British fishing industry once was and how the UK fishing fleet was betrayed.

What Happened to our Fishing fleet? How did the UK go from having the biggest and most technologically advanced fishing fleet in the world to virtually nothing? How do today’s trawlermen cope when the odds are stacked against them? What is the future and how can we make things better? Fishing Against the Tide examines what the fishing industry once was, what it is today and how fishing could be once again. Watch the video here 15:25