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New Bedford Fire Department boat saves critically injured fisherman

NEW BEDFORD — The father of a critically injured fisherman is crediting a speedy rescue effort by the New Bedford police, fire and EMS departments with saving his only son’s life after a serious accident at sea last Saturday night. “He’s still critical but he’s breathing on his own. Thank God for New Bedford fire and rescue. They did a fine job,” said Carl Albert, the mate aboard the clam boat Misty Dawn. “I already lost a brother and my father at sea so I didn’t want it to go to a third generation.” http://www.southcoasttoday.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20121108/NEWS/211080369/1011/TOWN10 http://bore-head007.newsvine.com/_news/2012/11/08/15031119-new-bedford-fire-department-boat-saves-critically-injured-fisherman-southcoasttodaycom

The Obama Administration’s Commerce Department Is Obstructing Justice. Swartwood II

What are they afraid of?

The findings, by Special Master Charles B. Swartwood III regarding NOAA’s fishing enforcement tactics, were completed in early May. They are said to be detailed, numerous and explosive. But that report remains hidden from the public. Both John Bryson, who resigned after his now-infamous June hit-and-run escapades in southern California, and acting Secretary Rebecca Blank have ignored multiple calls to make the latest report public. And so NOAA administrator Jane Lubchenco, whose shown nothing but contempt for Congress and any other oversight since 2009, when she took the reins of an agency that is even more dysfunctional now than it ever was then.


Editorial: Letter backing ‘aid’ plan misleads fishermen, taxpayers GDT

But our independent fishermen do not need — and, for the most part, do not want — bailouts, buyouts and more unsubstantiated rhetoric about declining stocks.



ASSOCIATED / CONSOLIDATED / AMALGAMATED Issue Statements on Industry Destroying Fishing Aid Plan

Seems as though the architect’s vision of the fishing policy initiatives they prefer have made separate statements regarding the “out of the blue” proposal delivered to Senator John Kerry’s office, which arrived in a plain brown wrapper with no signatures!


Fishing aid letter ignores catch share impact

A draft letter to congressional leaders from the office of Sen. John Kerry, circulating within the New England delegation in connection with a proposed and controversial fisheries aid package, blames the decline of the groundfishery on weakened fish stocks — and nothing else.



Arrogance is NOAA Fisheries “to border on recklessness, if not irresponsibility.” ending ten year SMAST/ Scallop Industry collaborative research.

Industry leaders are furious that this productive program has been hi jacked by NMFS, while the sallop set aside fund money will now be detoured to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, and will now be conducting the survey utilizing the “Habcam”.

Ma State Rep. William Straus, D-Mattapoisett said.”Cutting SMAST out is a problem,”.

“SMAST is one of the few outside parties doing review that will keep the feds honest, so to speak,” he said.

No doubt the state rep has been watching the downward credibility spiral of NOAA/NMFS, and keeping them honest is not something that seems to be possible.