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Tonight: Captain Greg Mayer gears up for more bluefin action on ‘Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks’

As National Geographic is about to premiere its fourth season of Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks Sunday, July 30 at 10 p.m., the Outer Banks of North Carolina face a lot of unknowns. It’s likely that many OBX vacationers won’t be able to tune in tonight, at least not from Hatteras or Ocracroke islands, which have been out of power for days because of a mishap involving an electrical cable near Bonner Bridge. Visitors have been evacuated from both islands, so as they modify their vacation plans, they’ll have to catch the bluefin TV action on the mainland. This season on Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks, the captains head to the deep waters of the ocean looking for that competition-winning payday. A few captains head south from the waters of Gloucester, Massachusetts, to go head to head with the North Carolina captains. All of them have the bluefin in mind. click here to read the story 10:00

Wicked Tuna Outer Banks: Tyler says screw you as tension mount!

tyler-outer-banksAs the Doghouse’s First Mate Caine Livesay says: “Any time you catch a fish it gives you a boost to confidence. This fish really means a lot to us, you know it’s gonna put us in the right direction.” Meantime, Reels of Fortune and Pin Wheel get into some less than friendly rivalry. Pinwheel catch a mako shark and lose the hook and bait as they let it go, but they don’t call in the bite right away. Reels of Fortune Captain Charlie “Griff” Griffin is not happy that Pin Wheel is not reporting when they get a bite. Pin Wheels’ skipper Tyler is not impressed. Mocking Griff, he says: “You didn’t radio in your bite. Oh that’s not how we operate here in the Outer Banks. Read the rest here, and watch 2 videos. 12:38

Ocean City Boat Featured In ‘Wicked Tuna’ Outer Banks Season Premiere Monday

foolish-pleasures-file-photoThe National Geographic Channel’s fishing reality show returns for a new season on Monday and will feature the long-awaited debut of the popular Ocean City-based “Foolish Pleasures” and its colorful Captain Dale Lisi and his crew of characters. Lisi and the “Foolish Pleasures” based at the Ocean City Fishing Center in West Ocean City, were chosen last fall as one of a handful to participate in and appear on the latest season of “Wicked Tuna.” The National Geographic Channel’s wildly popular show follows groups of salty fishermen as the make a living battling monster Bluefin tuna the old school way with a rod and reel. Lisi and his crew, including mates Will Hathaway and Ed Gross, certainly fit the bill. Read the story here 11:17

‘Wicked Tuna’ premier party set for July 23 at Pirate’s Cove Pavilion

57852681de370.image“Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks,” the third season of the National Geographic TV channel series featuring North Carolina fishermen, will have a local premier party on Saturday, July 23 at Pirate’s Cove Pavilion. The event will be a fundraiser for North Carolina Watermen United and the North Carolina Watermen Foundation. The party will feature dinner by Ortega’z Southwestern Grill, a cash bar with beer and wine, and a Q&A with all three participating southern captains, as well as the screening of the 2015 final episode and the 2016 first episode. The captains — Greg Mayer, 2014 and 2015 winner of ; returning three year veteran Britt Shackelford; and two year veteran Charlie Griffin — will be on-hand to talk about the experience, sign autographs and shake hands. Some of their mates will be there as well. The captains will have their boats at the marina, weather permitting. On the heels of its fifth season of the hit series Wicked Tuna, National Geographic Channel once again pits the finest captains in Gloucester, Mass. against the best southern fishermen in the third season of the spinoff series Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks, premiering Monday, July 25 at 9 p.m.   Read the rest here 14:09

WICKED TUNA: Season Five Premiere on Nat Geo Brings New Challenges, (Video)

This Monday, top-rated series WICKED TUNA is returning to National Geographic Channel for Season Five. Some of the captains are still struggling, with a rough winter season not putting cash in their boats, as fans watched on spin-off series “Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks.” But, Captain Dave Marciano of the Hard Merchandise has plans to pull in the major haul again this season. It won’t be only Captain Dave Marciano striving to prove something this season, however, so he’d better be ready for some competition! Captain Dave Carraro of the FV-Tuna.com had an embarrassing third-place finish last season, Video, Read the rest here 20:16

The sassy women of ‘Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks” call Hatteras home, “Oh, there’s always drama,”

Captain Tami GrayBy 2003, Gray found herself living in Hatteras village and working on charter fishing boats. So she asked Hatteras commercial fisherman Jeff Oden for work. And before she knew what happened, she was on Oden’s boat, commercial fishing. “Here’s she’s going off to Hollywood,” Oden jokes, “and I’m left here in the weeds.” Last year, Gray was contacted by the “Wicked Tuna” production, asking if she wanted to do the show with her husband. “He said, ‘hell, no!’,” she says. But the man from Wicked Tuna persisted, asking her again about doing it with Tilman. “He says, ‘Can’t you give your husband a couple of drinks and talk him into it?’” Gray says. Read the rest here 15:30

“Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks”. New Name, Same Game, with new twist!

Tami Gray captains the Reel Action on ‘Wicked Tuna’This season comes with a new title that has a distinctly local flavor. The name has been changed from Wicked Tuna: North vs. South, to Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks. And it comes with new twist. One of the local boats—the Reel Action—features the show’s first female crew. Being one of the few female captains out there is something Captain Tami Gray has gotten used to, having worked in this male-dominated industry for most of her life. One of her reasons for doing the show was to demonstrate that women are just as capable of hauling in a catch as men are. Read the rest here 09:45

‘Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks’, ‘Port Protection’ & ‘Yukon River Run’ to Premiere in July on NatGeo

Following the premiere of Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks comes a new series, Port Protection. The remote, fog-shrouded community of Port Protection is tucked into the northwest corner of Prince of Wales Island, Alaska, and surrounded by the freezing waters of the North Pacific. A small band of extraordinary people push the limits of survival, living an isolated and risky life of self-reliance with no roads, no government and no cops. Yukon River Run:On Alaska’s Yukon River, three raft crews each begin preparations for a trek downstream to sell goods to native villages. Read the rest here 18:59