Bringing Fish & Seafood to Your Holiday Table – Matt Rohney


By Guest Writer Matt Rohney

The holidays are a perfect time to gather with family and share a table full of delicious food. While some families have the same traditional meal year after year, others make variety their tradition bychristmas-wreath trying out regional dishes or international cuisine. If you and your family are looking for something new this holiday season, why not consider a seafood dish? Seafood has a rich history full of tradition that holds strong today. With the popularity of sushi, salmon, and other dishes containing seafood, it is no longer treated as a “once in awhile” luxury, but rather an everyday meal.

Why Choose Seafood?


Whether you incorporate seafood into your weekly diet or are looking for some memorable holiday seafood dishes, not only will you be reaping the health benefits of fish, but you will also be also be supporting an industry of hardworking fishermen, an occupation often taken for granted. Think of the last time you had a thick salmon fillet or had a plate of shrimp. Quality seafood is caught by hardworking and talented fisherman who often sustain an injury or even near death experiences while trying to get a beautiful catch. According to Jebaily Law, a work-related injury can affect wages and benefits; for a fisherman, an injury can compromise their livelihood.

Choosing the Right Seafood for You


Seafood has numerous health benefits, such as helping to protect against heart disease and stroke, thanks to the omega-3 fatty acids. However, with fish and seafood, there are people that love and those that hate it; some complain it tastes too “fishy”. Although there are some fish that have a more distinct flavor than others, it should not actually taste “fishy”, a flavor that ruins a perfectly good dish and turns many people away. Finding the right seafood and fish for your taste buds may take a few brave tries, but if you carefully select your fish or seafood, you’re sure to find something you’ll enjoy. If you hate fish, give it another try.

Delicious Holiday Seafood Recipe Ideas


Whether you’re spending the holidays alone with your significant other or are hosting a houseful of people, there are plenty of fish and seafood recipes to please anyone. Not only are most recipes easy and relatively affordable, you can class up any meal without resorting to a box of fish sticks.


  • Salmon: This beautiful, healthy, and popular fish is versatile. You can pan sear a fillet, throw it in soup, toss it with pasta, or even make sandwiches the day after a busy holiday for a quick, no-fuss meal.



  • A One Pot Meal: When you’re feeding a large group of people, a one pot meal is a good way to go. Just because you’re making a huge dish, doesn’t mean you need to skimp on quality. For instance, a Low Country Boil is a Southern favorite which contains shrimp, sausage, and a variety of vegetables. If you want to try a little international flair with the same idea, try Shrimp & Shellfish Paella, a Spanish favorite.



If you prefer the “classics” such as oyster stew and shrimp cocktail or feel inspired by any of the creative fish and seafood recipes that grace bookshelves and the internet, don’t forget to add a

little seafood and fish to your meal this holiday.