FISHBILL-US: Fishermen, Lets unite like never before!


It becomes clearer by the day that our industry needs protection in the form of legislation for fishermen and supporting industries.

While fishermen and those supporting industries are struggling to survive in various regions, many of them await federal assistance in already declared federal fishery failures, much of it beyond their control.

Congress has mandated the NOAA is the agency that controls the “best available science”, while other data is not considered, by law. This must be addressed as we watch the industry retract based on the science many of us have no confidence in. They control our fate.

Independent data, from studies, to industry initiated trawl survey’s is not considered by the agency, even when the data shows the agency is wrong. This must change now.

As the New Year is ushered in, our collective futures must be protected with legislation we need in the form of a Fish Bill.

Fishermen from the West Coast and the East Coast have come forward to volunteer, and join our now forming association, FISHBILL-US.

We invite any one individual, seafood associations, or anyone associated with the industry to get involved, forwarding ideas for discussion, and possible inclusion in the bill you would like to see become law.

This is a grass roots effort, with time and idea’s being the only initial investment, as no one is paid. I, along with the others, am donating my time and efforts to initiate and organize FISHBILL-US.

Thank you, and we hope to hear from you soon!

Let us unite like never before!

Sam Parisi, Gloucester Ma.

E mail me at sam [email protected] or call me at  978-491-7722