Fishery Observer Liability Letter


Date: ________, (fill it in)

I, __________________  in my capacity as a fishery observer, fully accept any and all legal consequences if in some way my actions and interactions cause the spread of the Coronavirus to the crew of the vessel in which I am deployed to. I understand the seriousness and possible fatal effects of the virus, and that testing protocols are not 100% effective in identifying a person’s exposure to it.  Furthermore not enough is known about how the virus is actually transmitted, but it is documented that being in confined spaces with other people is a sure way to catch it if one of those is already affected.

Despite that I am willing to possibly spread this deadly virus to the crew of this vessel who do not want me on board because of the health risk, but are forced to carry me, otherwise they risk financial penalties. I understand that NOAA and my Observer company refuse to accept any legal responsibilities for the possible spread of this disease, so I accept any and all legal responsibilities if I inadvertently spread the disease to the fishermen on this vessel.

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