Gloucester whale protest

Today about forty lobster boats went by my dock in Gloucester to protest against rope entanglement. They were headed to the Fisherman statue in town. They must have gone by over ten times hoping their message would get the presses attention. I can understand their their frustration. This to save the Right whales, but let’s get the facts straight. If you check the US Coast Guard, its a fact that the major deaths are caused by large freighters and cruise ships not lobsterman gear. And the fisherman and lobsterman do not want to harm the whales, so before more rules are made lets get the facts straight. Sam Parisi, Gloucester, Ma.

HELLO GOLDRUSH, I took a couple pic.s for you… This is the “WINDY” Rockport, Ma  Adam Clay’s boat named after his grandfather Leon ‘Windy’ Wallace a Lobsterman himself, who was lost at Sea while Lobstering back in the late 80’s… Along with Adam his father Mike and uncle Dan are also Lobstermen… NOAAMOREJANE, P.S. Can you say COREXIT???

He’s back! noaamorejane!


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With the likes of Dr. Jane Lubecenco resurfacing. Remember her COREXIT JANE? With what she did with the GULF OF MEXICO SPILL… She was the deadliest woman on the PLANET at that time. I would’ve thought a Marine Estuary expert would’ve at least taken the time to read up on what COREXIT did for the EXXON VALDEZ SPILL!!!
Janie please retire…
over and out

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