How To Play The Game

To me this whole fishing industry is a big game.

I remember a song by Paul Anchor in part it says love’s a game a game you just can’t win.

Over the years fisherman have attended many meetings held by NOAA and the NEFMC and results are always the same in spite of what fisherman say.

It seems the council has already decided what they intend to do any way.

I was ready to go to yesterdays meeting, but wanted to know what it was about so if I spoke, I know what I was talking about. So I called my cousin Captain Sam Novello and asked him.

He said he didn’t know but he was going.

I then called NOAA and got no answer so I did not attend.

Later that night I called Sam and asked what happened’

He said, Quote, “Same old-same old”.

Its a game and they hold all the cards.

Our biggest problem is we are always on defense.

We need to go on the offense and control the game .

I suggest we start here in town get the Northeast Seafood Coalition and the Gloucester Fisheries Commission to meet and come up with a plan.

The Magnusson Act that is over twenty-five years needs to be updated regarding who has the best science or how to fight the monitoring coast to the fisherman .

These are a few examples of our problems make a list and go for one of them

Next get every fisheries association’s seafood associations in the east cost and get them to group together.

If we just sit back we will not win the game .

Sam Parisi, Gloucester, Mass