NOAA and Mr.Bullard have too much power over our industry

As a former fisherman from Gloucester, Massachusetts, I have never seen our industry in such bad shape as it is today.
I feel NOAA and Mr.Bullard have too much power over our industry, and since Mr. Bullard has taken over we are not better off, in fact we are worse off.
In spite of all the regulations imposed by NOAA, our groundfish stocks have not recovered, that is if you believe NOAA data, which is widely disputed.
At a recent meeting I attended in Gloucester, Captain Joe Orlando directed important questions to Mr. Bullard, and all he did was dance around the questions!
He said we should promote redfish or other fish. however, in regards to redfish, its a hard sell, and they are offshore not helping the inshore fleet.
At the meeting, I said two things. First we need to be able to have NOAA and the NESC accept other scenticfic data than their own.
We need a Fish Bill similar to the Farm Bill. This would help our fishermen in the long run. After all, fishermen are farmers.
Another issue of concern to note.
NOAA has hired more workers, and increased salary’s, while our fleet is one third of what it was.
How can they justify these increases in manpower, and salary increases, when they have failed to deliver any workable solutions to our dilemma’s?
I would like answers to these questions.
Looking back, The City of Gloucester had a full time Fisheries Commission.
We need a new Fisheries Commission, while other New England ports should consider forming Commission’s, for representation at all important meetings through out New England.
If NOAA can continue hiring and increasing salary’s at the expense of taxpayers while our industry crumbles at the expense of us, our community leaders should support this idea with funding.
Now is the time to move ahead. Not later.