On and Off Meeting at NOAA office last week

I received an email from the NOAA office last week concerning SKG money that is in their hands to decide on those who applied for the ten million dollars they grant to others each year.

So I called fisherman, The Fishermens Wife’s and others in the fishing industry, even a couple of Senators, about the meeting. I was told by NOAA you did not have to register, and anyone could speak.

The next email I got was the meeting was cancelled do to the lack of those that were going to attend the meeting.

At about the same time of year, about two years ago, I had said the grant money is not going to our fisherman, and said the paper work was over forty pages to be submitted to NOAA.
The average fisherman does finds it hard to fill it out.

The thing I read in our paper that the former director of GARFO, Mr Bullard said in a letter that his office would be willing to assist our fisherman who applied.

So with that said was it his way of pleasing us? I think not.

And now all of a sudden NOAA wants to hold a meeting regarding SKG money, then cancel it?

Why after twenty years they want impute .

This is why, Congressmen Don Young of Alaska has had a bill passed S132 to go back to and advisory panel in 1954 that would take the SKG money out of NOAA’s hand, that in my opinion is the only reason they was to hold a meeting ,and than get this due to a lake of participant’s it was

This is a cover up and they get away with while our fisherman pay the price .

Something stinks and someone should call for an investigation as to what they do with the other ten million dollars they get every year.

Or Is NOAA so big no one wants to take them on?

Thank You, Sam Parisi

Gloucester, Mass,