My Response to Why You Should Care About The “Empty Oceans Act”

Why You Should Care About The “Empty Oceans Act”

While the for profit eco conservangalist people are spreading out and out lies about the re writing of the Magnuson act I suggest you get some truth and facts before you just decide because you hear it on the web it must be true.

What is being asked for is an opportunity to allow fishing communities who have been in business for hundreds of years to have an opportunity to survive. Not by stripping away needed conservation measures but by allowing some flexibility to be written into the law that will allow for the survival of this important segment of America that provides the nation with the purest form of protein. Free from genetically engineered chemicals and all of the pesticides that are used by giants agribusiness.

Free of all the antibiotics used in aquaculture and free of the excrement eating fish such as tilapia that swim in pens eating one and others shit.

The facts are that the US has the strictest fisheries laws on the planet. The facts are that we import 94% of the seafood consumed in America. The facts are that the seafood we import is from countries that practice little or no conservation at all.

So ask yourself this question. If we already have the most stringent laws on earth, why isn’t the conservation community wreaking the kind of havoc on the nations that have no conservation as they do on the US.?

The answer is money.  This is about demonizing a domestic way of life for profit through lies distortion and fear mongering.

If you want some truth, (If you can handle the truth). I suggest you visit this website:


Here you will get truth without distortion. Without anyone seeking a handout.

And one more question, After the American fishermen are finished off by these eco zealots who is going to provide the American consumer with real seafood free from all of the chemicals we ingest in our daily diets now?

The answer will be from the same giant agribusiness’s that are poisoning now. They will have the economic power and the political influence to once again destroy the little man, just like they have done to the family farmers.. Wake up people. Your being flim flamed by the best con artist’s in the world. Other than the politicians of course!