Sam Parisi remembers the Captain and Crew of the F/V Capt. Cozmo

September 2, 2019 is the anniversary of the F/V Captain Cosmo leaving for a week long trip to Georges Bank. They never returned.

Forty one years ago, Gloucester fishing family’s lost six fishermen, Cosmo Marcantonio, know as Capt. Cosmo, along with five other Gloucester crew members ranging in ages from sixty to twenty one, due to an unexpected storm.

The vessel sank about one hundred and eighty miles east of Cape Cod. Normally in September, the weather that time year is pretty good, not like the winter months.

I grew up with Cosmo, and went thru High School with him, and played on the football team with him. He was a natural leader growing up.

I fished along side of him on my dads boat. He was experienced and respected the sea.

I can remember when it happened. The night before, my wife and I was at Benjamin Interrante’s sisters wedding reception. He was my first cousin.

Captain Cosmo promised her he would bring him home for her wedding.

That night, he never showed up.

The next day we heard about the tragedy. All six men were lost at sea.

Here is list of the crew

Cosmo Marcantonio, Captain, 36

Vito Misuraca, 61

Jerome Pallazola, 50

John Burham, 33

Salvatore Grover 30,

Benjamin Interrante, 21

My heart goes out to each of their families and friends.

Thank You Sam Parisi, Gloucester.