SIDNEY SMITH – Needle hit a vein? or did i hit the nail on the head?

Sidney-Smiths-boat-Merit-docked-in-Greenport-horizontalJuly 27. 2014

Needle hit a vein? or did I hit the nail on the head?

Back in the spring your web site pick up my article I wrote to a local paper here on Long Island.

I am most grateful you did

It in my own words I wrote how a small village here claims to be a fishing port and was built on commercial fishing which it was, I am a third generation resident fisherman here. The fact of the matter is that they never made easy here for you to be one.

After the article was printed I noticed they never cashed my rent check ion over a month so I called the harbor master / manager to see if it was received. He answered a phone call and said he was told to do nothing with my application and I would need 2 million dollars of insurance Its a screwy set up when the property is own by the railroad they lease it to the county which built the dock for commercial fishing boats back in the early 1980, then sub leased it to this village

So i  file for   freedom of information !

1)who decide or voted my boat need 2 million dollars of insurance/reply there are no such document or records
2)What other vessels on that dock have for insurance/reply no one has more than 1 million
  There are two other county own commercial docks on long island and the limit is 250,000 which i have had
  3)What is required insurance , they came up  with a code from 1985 stated 1-3 million dollars so what is that there is no such policy  pick a number
  4)who has paid the rent in the last 17 years like I have, the reply we only have the last three years of records?  hmm I have my canceled checks.
One of the reasons for this request is there have been others i know who did not pay and one now gets fee rent for installing buoys in the harbor, but hell if your wife was a trustee don’t you think you should not also, no conflict there??
 I contacted my insurance company who called this village and said its un heard off for a dragger with 3 men have to get that type of insurance even if it was possible the financial amount would be an outstanding burden
I contacted my attorney and gave him all this information, he reply was do nothing to you  are officially contacted.

Yesterday  i go to the post office, and there is verified mail form the Greenport Village attorney. My lease at this dock is terminated in 30 days I must remove my boat from the dock I failed to comply with having two to three million dollars of insurance and any vehicle I own on the dock has to have 500,000 dollars of insurance
I’m sure all you fisherman who own a ratty old pick up truck like I do and a good one have such insurance on it
So as my title of my letter says, did I hit a nerve or the nail on the head about my local village officials
They say you can not fight city hall, but I’m asking anyone who reads this is this right,  do you have it in you to contact a new york official , politician or even my village and say hey what the hell is going on there
thanks for reading
You’re welcome Sid.