The Ted Stevens Memorial

ted stevens fan clubWith the crab quotas that Ted Stevens pushed through congress leasing to fishing vessels at 80 percent of the value of the catch and the crews of those vessels being paid a sharecropper’s wage without any of the, “Safety,” that was a stated premise of the plan. It is a good moment to look back and remember the people responsible for this travesty and the greed and douchebaggery that they represent.

Main street cannot continue to allow the Wall Street types that are corrupting our government to continue to legislate the theft of the wages and business of working class people.
We must oppose the privatization of public resources at all costs.

If anyone is going to charge 80 percent to lease a public resource it should be the people of the United States, “By the people and for the people.” Having 80 percent of wages stolen and socked away in some distant Sea Lord’s bank account is a crime against the people of coastal communities that devalues the virtues of work ethic, honesty, and fairness, replacing them with the now much more valuable traits of greed, lies, and wage slave ownership.

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