The Adventures of $uper Eco-man


150 years ago a young $uper Eco-man at the request of the donors of the time helped save the environment from the unrestrained hunting practices of the American Indian. Unfortunately the men of great wealth who required all of the land and resources the Native Americans had access to, did not take care of the land or honor the natural world.

 Of course environmentalists didn’t exist over 150 years ago, but if they did they would have happily helped sweep the Indians from the plains in the name of progress and a better world with larger donations.
Today it is fishermen who face being swept off of their traditional hunting grounds by the greedy wealth foundations and their environmental lackeys. In the name of the environment, progress and the promise of green power (along with the mineral rights for all other types of resources) they pillory and persecute fishermen to the brink of extinction but the question of how they will treat the last great wild area of our planet once they are in control of it remains.
 If history is any indicator of events in the present the ocean will be industrialized and decimated just like the land was before it….



super ecoman 150 years ago




super ecoman in the present