The Guest Commentary of Ec Newellman

 “Cape Wind Spokesman Mark Rodgers, “Do you have the tea party in Germany?””

Germany resists EU plans to slash renewable energy subsidies

“A leading Social Democrat warned yesterday (6 November) that the EU planned to investigate German renewable energy discounts for industry, a move that could end up hitting a raft of companies operating in Europe’s biggest economy.”

Or this further down:

‘A problem for Europe’

“Across Europe’s 15 oldest member states (EU15), transmission charges, taxes or renewable subsidies account for roughly half the average household bill, VaasaETT energy research group said.

Danish households, for example, pay Europe’s highest electricity bills at around 31 euro cents per kilowatt-hour because more than half of the cost, or 55%, is made up of taxes, according to a report into energy bills by VaasaETT.”

From Der Spiegel two months ago, and this should highlight how economically damaging this would be to any countries economy:

‘Germany’s Energy Poverty: How Electricity Became a Luxury Good’

“If there is too much power coming from the grid, wind turbines have to be shut down. Nevertheless, consumers are still paying for the “phantom electricity” the turbines are theoretically generating. Occasionally, Germany has to pay fees to dump already subsidized green energy, creating what experts refer to as “negative electricity prices.”

On the other hand, when the wind suddenly stops blowing, and in particular during the cold season, supply becomes scarce. That’s when heavy oil and coal power plants have to be fired up to close the gap, which is why Germany’s energy producers in 2012 actually released more climate-damaging carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than in 2011.”

The main point of the article:

“German consumers already pay the highest electricity prices in Europe. But because the government is failing to get the costs of its new energy policy under control, rising prices are already on the horizon. Electricity is becoming a luxury good in Germany, and one of the country’s most important future-oriented projects is acutely at risk.”


With the Chief Liar in the White House, it should be ALL HANDS ON DECK to have those in congress stop this meddling with our energy industry as we not only have the fossil fuel resources to lower energy prices for decades to come, and yet it has been proven time and again that green energy has to be:

– highly subsidized
– financial guarantees to protect those private businesses that invest in offshore wind and solar

and that the outcome for consumers is:

– the sticker shock on their monthly electric and heating bills
– ever rising energy costs for transportation and food production which is also passed onto consumers

As has been one of the main goals of President Zero’s Administration to destroy the American coal industry. For those who want to see the latest news on this, and it continues to be updated almost daily about the EPA and the regulatory road blocks on coal, go to:

Bathhouse Barry, the community organizing activist, is intent in radically changing this country and green energy is neither as green as they say, nor does it give relief for Americans in heating their homes or lowering electrical energy rates, nor cheaper prices for transportation petroleum products.

Ask yourself, why keep delaying KEYSTONE XL? Why the crushing regulations against coal (wake up Senator Joe from West Virginia)? Why the delay in permits for drilling by the Interior Department on federal lands and along our coast? Why is their a continued demonetization of a 60 year old technology, fracking…(yes Andy ‘HUD’ Cuomo, choosing gambling over fracking in the economically depressed southern tier of NY)……

Ah, CAPE WIND…CAPE WIND, why shouldn’t those two connected words raise the hairs on the back of our necks?

From a month ago:

‘Cape Wind: Another Solyndra boondoggle in the making’

“For all of that, things may be about to get even worse. For almost a decade, a firm has been seeking to begin construction on one of the world’s largest wind farm projects – Cape Wind – to be built on Horseshoe Shoal in Nantucket Sound off the coast of Massachusetts at Cape Cod. The problem is that private financing just isn’t there for such an endeavor, which means private investors believe Cape Wind is a loser.”

“If Cape Wind is ever to be completed, it would produce electricity at two to three times what ratepayers are typically paying for the same energy coming from coal, natural gas and nuclear power.”

If there is ONE walkaway value here, ANYTHING that O’Bummers administration tells you is “A GOOD DEAL FOR YOU”, is a complete LIE….its a fleecing of your money, destroying the free market economic environment in this country and causing greater reliance on government.

Read the comments on the above link…

Make a difference in the 2014 midterm elections and vote out those who support this administration.


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Europeans Bank Accounts Finally Give A Big Fail On Green Energy Scam


It’s a “green energy train wreck” playing out in socialist governments across Europe who bought into global warming scam….with the main problem being that green energy is neither green, nor cheap for the consumer or provides economic benefits to “those countries which mistakenly dove head first into the shallow end of the solar and wind energy pool.”

What is most troubling is that taxpayer subsidies are continually needed to prop up the development by private companies of renewable energy where the technology is neither competitive to either businesses or consumers at this time and will not be competitive for decades to come due to the oil shale revolution, along with the availability of cheap-clean coal power plants.

We see this here in our country that green energy is actually a TAX levied upon the US economy, yet the President Zero has been using the Energy Department (Is Steven Chu an esteemed scientist or loan officer?) to subsidizing a number of green energy ventures, run by fat-cat democratic donors to his campaign that have gone bankrupt within a few short years, while also stifling permits to drill on federal lands through his Department of Interior (who can forget job-destroying Cowboy Ken?) or use the scandal ridden EPA to hammer the coal industry in this country. Even Forbes Magazine pointed out that the EPA may be the most rogue federal government agency during President Zero’s tenure as it was run under Lisa “Email” Jackson. Among the numerous points made in this article, this one paragraph highlights how are economy is being wrecked by this administration. To wit:

“EPA is a serial offender when it comes to egregious government waste, fraud, abuse, and just plain sleaziness. The agency buys influence by doling out hundreds of millions of dollars each year to certain favored non-profit organizations – money that, according to the inspector general and Government Accountability Office, is dispersed with no public notice, competition or accountability.”

Source: The EPA’s Lisa Jackson: The Worst Head of the Worst Regulatory Agency, Ever:

Getting back to our European friends who figuratively speaking, “don’t have a pot to pee in anymore”, they have come to realize that they are not only destroying their countries economies, but the whole concept of a powerful European Union by dragging down economic growth to levels where they will go bankrupt (a number are, or pretty close to bankrupt at this time). The fear of a “Greek-style” crash and burn has even shook the once vibrant German economy to the point where Angela Merkel has finally said “alvederzane” to green energy subsidies.

As Terry Keenan pointed out in Sundays edition of the NY POST, both Europeans and Americans are looking at the surprising quick resurgence of the “Russian Bear”, which literally went bankrupt during the mid-nineties when oil prices collapsed, and now has re-built their economy on the back of black gold and natural gas to the point where they now have a “balanced budget (hello), debt to GDP ratio of under 10%, and the lowest unemployment rate in two decades”, while at the same time that vodka and black market moonshine consumption has remained strong.

It brings us to the point where one has to wonder why President Zero has been bent over and “all in” like Paula Broadwell was. Again it is that funny little thing that socialist like Obama rally against on the campaign trail, money and the rich, yet seem to always have an influence on the policies coming out of this current progressive administration:

“It is easy to ridicule Obama’s scientific ignorance, but as always in these matters, the key is to follow the money. Obama wants to pour many billions more into “green energy” scams that mostly benefit Democratic Party donors and Obama administration cronies. Taking advantage of the mathematically illiterate, he touted our ostensibly booming “clean” energy industries.”


“But along the way, the power of the federal government will be expanded and its ability to shift tens of billions of dollars to the Democratic Party’s cronies will be enhanced. That’s the real point of the potpourri of bad ideas that masquerades as Obama’s energy policy.”

Source: Posted on June 25, 2013 by John Hinderaker in Energy Policy – Obama Renews His War On Coal:

So what is the walk away value here to the current green energy scam going on this country?

First, it is costing us in growing our stagnant economy since it is a burdensome tax on ever American in this country.

Second is that green energy IS NOT cheap energy, either upstream or downstream to the consumer. IT WILL NOT LOWER ENERGY BILLS.

Third is how the US government continues to pick winners and losers, with the winners being those who democratic donors who invest in the green energy scam via solar or wind power, and the losers being those at the gas and diesel pump who drive a vehicle or have a boat, or like to keep their homes warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Fourth is the regulatory scandal being waged against the coal industry in this country, or the consistent regulatory hurdles being placed upon the natural gas fracking industry, or the unnecessary, un-ending delays in approving the Keystone XL pipeline.

Let this current lesson being played out in Europe be a warning to what President Zero and the rest of his progressive apparatchiks can do not only to our wallets, but to the American economy.

As Benny Peiser noted in the article ‘Europe Pulls The Plug On Its Green Future’:

“The EU summit signaled Europe intended to restore its declining competitiveness by supporting the development of cheap energy, including shale gas, while cutting green energy subsidies.”

Remember this come the 2014 mid-term elections. When a politician says “they are a supporter of wind farms and solar panels”…hold onto your wallet and pull the lever for the other person on the ticket.


So crickets from the fishing industry on the fraud called ocean wind farming?


This is not farming for the benefit of the American public…oh “no siree”…..this is for the benefit of big green investors who see the cash cow from green energy being rammed-rodded into the American economy.

First, why are their government subsidies to private green energy investments? Do we have a great need for much more costly green energy at the detriment to the American economy when fossil fuels are much cheaper for the consumer to purchase and as clean to use at this time? Haven’t we seen the US Energy Department gamble and throw away multi-billions of taxpayer dollars on various green energy projects which ended up bankrupt just after a few short years or these companies bond rating being classified as JUNK?

“According to the Washington Free Beacon, “Seven solar companies received fast-tracked approval by the Department of the Interior to lease federal lands in a no-bid process: Abengoa Solar, BrightSource Energy, First Solar, Nevada Geothermal Power, NextEra Energy Resources, Ormat Nevada, and SolarReserve.” Each of these seven companies –– despite “junk bond” status, received billions of DOE funds under the 1705 loan program as well as renewable energy grants from the Treasury Department.:


Second, shouldn’t one of the primary issues be the taxpayers themselves reaping the benefits from the so-called green wind energy? Are electrical and heating rates just going to be magically cut in half when this particular project is up and running?

Third is the issue of the government backing the wind investors if their investment just does not make the future projected earnings? (heavens forbid a progressive, green energy investor will lost money during this administration) To wit:

“Critics like the New England Ratepayers Association warn the Rhode Island Sound wind farms could cost the public and ratepayers big money, potentially $2.9 billion over 15 years, if federal wind-energy production tax credits are extended.

“It’s unbelievably expensive, it’s an intermittent power source that requires you to keep gas plants on standby. Offshore wind is just a terrible deal,” Ratepayers Association president Marc Brown said in a telephone interview Wednesday.”

From: Rhode Island Sound opened for wind power –

“Terrible deal?” Yes, not only for the American taxpayers and Rhode Island electrical rate payers, but also to the resident and migrating marine birds which seem to fly into these bird-Cuisinarts. Ah, but this is one of those little footnotes that are rarely mentioned about these energy clean sources effecting the environment and those that live in the environment such as birds. Heavens forbid if a dead endangered bird is found on your property…To wit from FORBES on May 16, 2013 – The Endangered Species Act And Wind Power: A Rule, Or More Of A Guideline?:

“It seems that the Fish and Wildlife Service has for years willfully refused to act when birds – including Bald Eagles, Golden Eagles and even the highly endangered California Condor – die horrible deaths by flying into the enormous blades of 300 foot-tall wind turbines that litter broad swaths of landscapes in many parts of the country. Even worse, the Administration has refused to act while at the same time filing civil and even criminal charges against fossil fuel companies that experience listed bird deaths on their properties.”

We know the “warm and fuzzy” language and propaganda which the green energy forces use in their news bits and press releases about this being “clean, renewable and it does not hurt the environment”…but clean and renewable, and more so, being benign to anything that comes near it, I ask?

Folks this is another bad deal from President Zero and his BIG FAIL administration…. and if one questions why, how many times do we hear often quoted “World Energy Outlook – IAE annual report” calling the US the new Saudi Arabia of Natural Gas, but also the US economy can reap the benefits from clean coal technology along with receiving the enormous benefits from the Keystone XL, if the pipeline….”IF” it is ever approved. The result to every American and American businesses is not only lower prices on petroleum based fuel products, but also heating and electrical rates.

Still don’t believe this? Maybe hearing it from a Saudi Prince that fracking and oil and gas recovery from shale could have a very big negative economic effect on his country…..yes fossil fuels, not the threat from the development of green energy!

“Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal has warned that the kingdom’s oil-dependent economy is increasingly vulnerable to rising U.S. energy production, breaking ranks with oil officials in Riyadh who have played down its impact.”

From: The Wall St. Journal, 3 days ago: Shale Threatens Saudi Economy, Warns Prince Alwaleed
Investor Says Kingdom’s Economy Increasingly Vulnerable;

The American public is being hood-winked time and again with the green energy scam of wind farms and solar panels. One just has to look at our socialist friends in Europe who have dropped subsidies for green energy projects (in fact as far back as in 2011).

In fact while BOEM is proclaiming the success in wind energy leases, nine European countries are or have pulled back from green energy subsidies. To wit:

“Historically, most of the energy debate in many of these legislative bodies has centered almost exclusively on ensuring that citizens have ready access to affordable and reliable energy.

Unfortunately, over the past several years, the energy debate has shifted.  Instead of worrying about the cost and dependability of energy, many legislators are now focusing on ways in which certain politically preferred energy sources—most commonly wind and solar—can be deployed in favor of more conventional sources.  These policymakers and other environmental advocates will often point to Europe as models for how governments can best encourage the use of “green” energy sources.

It turns out, however, that these models are now proving to be powerful examples of what not to do.”

From: European Lessons on Renewable Energy Subsidies: Todd Wynn and John Eick | May 29, 2013

As Juliette Lewis said in Natural Born Killers, “bad-bad-bad”, especially at this time when it comes to sectioning off the ocean for wind our shores.

For more information on these mutli-billion dollar green energy frauds being committed by President Zero and his administration, see:


“Since 2009 we’ve been tracking President Obama’s clean-energy dirt (aligned with the Left as well as those with political “access and influence”), proving that the Green Corruption Scandal is the largest, most expensive and deceptive case of crony capitalism in American history. Stay tuned as we expose one piece of this scandal at a time…”

Fishermen make the change come the 2014 mid-term elections and vote in those legislators who support cheaper energy for the American consumer.

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Really Congressman Pallone?

Really Congressman Pallone…”give away public resources to wealthy, multi-national corporations at the cost of American taxpayers and our environment.”

Why don’t we remove “oil and natural gas” and re-place that with “towering wind turbines and acres of ocean access to the American public closed off due to wind farms.”

This is all part of the progressive Big Green Money Machine in cahoots with the West Wing of the White House using the same tired progressive talking points to scare the public on America’s readily available and cheap fossil fuel resources.

Maybe he should read the article in the CFN (Commercial Fishing News – July) on page 13 with BOEM and their “OFFSHORE” lease sale to the “HIGHEST BIDDERS” for the ocean rights for wind energy projects…yes the area East of Block Island and south of Rhode Island, covering a highly fished portion of Cox Ledge.

Congressman Pallone, who do you think can afford to buy these leases on ocean real estate off our coast….your constituents?….NO…. in your own words, “wealthy, multi-national corporations” and the list of bidders includes some of the biggest “players” in the wind industry.

Fishermen, in the progressive playbook, WEAs (Wind Energy Areas) are “good” just a couple of miles from our shorelines, but drilling along the canyons and shelf to recover oil and natural gas, are “really, really bad.” Ask yourself, does that sound right?

What’s next for Congressman Pallone when it comes to Americans having the choice of paying less for various sources of energy and for producing high paying jobs in the United States……being against the Keystone XL pipeline?

From: NJ

“On the Keystone XL Pipeline: “I’m concerned about the Keystone Pipeline, so I have taken a position largely against it, or at least to have more studies be done, because I think that it has potential problems.”

You think? More studies to be done?

Link is here:’progressive’-values-jabs-Booker?template=state-street.

Voters, remember this when you fill up your car or plug in your electric car, or turn the lights on in your home, and see the price you pay because of the BHO administration war against fossil fuel and clean coal…and yes, without them, you might as well as be living in a 3rd world nation.

Don’t be fooled with the catch phrase, “renewable clean energy.” Any energy product comes with, and bears a intrinsic cost which you can never get away from, either in producing the products that collects the energy, and as much, delivers the energy product to both industry and consumers.

See what Congressman Pallone fails to mention is the economics behind green energy, especially since it will not lower the cost of energy to consumers!

Worst as now being seen in the once thought of “safe” Solar Industry, due to the highly competitive world market in the sale of solar panel equipment, sliding retail prices have forced solar panel makers to “cut corners” with their product resulting in a ever higher failure rate, along with the rising cost of disposing of these solar panels due to the various metals that are used in the product.

Even the NY TIMES pointed this out in a May 2013 piece in their Business Section – Solar Industry Anxious Over Defective Panels;

What should upset everyone here is that you have a progressive congressman carrying the water for an administration whose aim has been to keep the cost of fossil fuel products high and eventually create a carbon tax and cap & trade market that will enrich the pockets of their progressive minions at the expense of the public. Yes REDISTRIBUTE THE WEALTH.

How about BHO’s big speech in Africa and sending 7 billion dollars over to improve the “energy grid” in Africa? What do you think the source of energy will be…, wind, hydro? NO……the biggest bang for the buck is fossil fuel plants, in particular petroleum and coal based products, especially since they are found and being supplied from in that region of the world.

Don’t be fooled here fishermen when your paying anywhere from 3.50 to 4.20 to fill up your vessel.

Look at the Captain Louis Renault “I’m shocked” moment by West Virginia Senator Manchin:

All of a sudden this democrat realizes that BHO is attacking the primary industry and jobs in his state…and hurting his hopes for being “re-elected?”

If a politician is going to standup for “anything” it should be working in the best interests of the people of the country, and here once again you have a politician whose primary concern is in having the support of the BHO administration and being re-elected to office.

Fishermen, over the last few years, how has this worked out for you?

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