The NLGIDC are surprised and disappointed by DFO’s plan to implement a moratorium on 3Ps cod

St. John’s, NL, March 23. 2021 – The Newfoundland and Labrador Groundfish Industry Development Council (NLGIDC) finds it difficult to understand DFO’s rationale in proposing a moratorium for 3Ps cod in 2021. We are opposed to this approach.

“During the 3Ps industry advisory meeting early in 2021, the DFO science presentation indicated the most important factors in determining stock growth are high natural mortality and a changing ecosystem and not the commercial fishery”, said Jim Baird, the Chairperson of the NLGIDC.

Some facts from the recent 3Ps assessment:

 The recent assessment did not include data from a research vessel survey in 2020 (it was cancelled because of covid-19)

 The single data source used in the assessment was the longline sentinel fishery index. This showed a substantial increase between 2019 and 2020.

 The fishing mortality has been decreasing and in 2020 was the lowest in 25 years.

 The natural mortality has been increasing and in 2020 was the highest in the 60-year time series. Baird continued, “In fact the DFO science indicated there is a good possibility (58%) of stock growth with a status quo catch in 2021. All industry representatives at the advisory meeting recommended a status – quo catch for 2021”.

An unnecessary moratorium of 3Ps cod will have significant negative impacts on harvesters and processors who depend on this stock for their livelihood and business. It will also have negative impacts for rural communities along the south coast of the province.

Jim Baird, Chair, NLGIDC
(709) 749-2421
[email protected]