Full of Wind

Fisherynation Hacked?
Yesterday was April 1st commonly known as April fools day, a day when people pull pranks for whatever reason suits them. Fisherynation published an April Fool prank claiming that President Donald Trump had announced a complete moratorium of the planning, development, and construction of Offshore Windfarms. If you just read the first paragraph of the article you believed that it was true. If you did read the whole article you would discover that it was a prank and you felt cheated, even mad that someone could pull the wool over your eyes like that, because if you are a fisherman this was your most fervent hope because only the president has the power to stop this outrageous boondoggle at this time. The article was by Boris Badenuff which should have tipped you off. [Rocky and Bullwinkle, Russian collusion?]
The point of the prank was to reach beyond the fishermen who are familiar with what the wind power proponents are doing, and spread the truth to the brainwashed masses who believe the world is going to end in 12 years. That would only happen if the people who read the article spread it around through social media, and weren’t upset because they were fooled. Our industry has tried every which way to attempt to have some kind of influence on the powerful wind power lobby and the government lackey’s that are enabling them, but to no avail. So I, with Fisherynation’s support tried satire. This has probably been the most controversial post ever on the site, and clearly would draw the wraith of the supporters of offshore wind. Yesterday afternoon the site went down for an unknown reason and all posts from April 1st were lost.  Was this routine maintenance? Generally the server company lets you know if there is to be an interruption of service so that you can prepare for it. The most likely cause is that somebody was not happy with the posting and hacked the website thus destroying its ability to be disseminated on a broader basis through any form of social media. We are dealing with a multi-billion dollar industry that is bound and determined to have their way and rape the average American sheeple who have been scared into believing the sky is falling. We will continue to fight for the truth and support the commercial fishing industry in its battle for survival in this highly charged political environment, and we are reposting the original April Fools joke. Please send it to everyone you know, maybe it will reach President Trump.Thanks for understanding, Harvey Haddock