Kona fisherman snagged by large hook credits Coast Guard with saving his life, shows his gratitude

Kenton Geer says he was hauling gear aboard his boat the F/V Vicious Cycle last Tuesday when he was snagged by a massive hook and dragged across the deck. The 39-year-old commercial fisherman has worked on the water more than two decades. He says without the help of the Coast Guard he might not have made it back to shore alive. “I think that there was a real possibility, I could have bled to death,” Geer said. “Or be talking about  not having a hand.” A helicopter trip to the hospital is a ride no fisherman ever wants to take. After five days at Honolulu’s Queen’s Medical  Center and two surgeries, the fisherman is back in Kona and on the mend. But before going home, he made an important stop to thank the Coast Guard crew who saved him. >video, click to read< 14:50

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