There is hope! Missing F/V Falling Star crew identified, could be on a 12-man raft and a 12-man skiff

This was the optimistic view of Glenn Tuttle, co-manager of, an international network of resources to aid mariners that are missing or overdue, adding that they could be “floating around anywhere”. The missing Hondurans have been identified as Sergio Green Castro, Domingo Peri Suazo, Dilson Omar Suazo, Geraldo Martinez, Jose Victor Calsido, Dayton Sabino Martinez, Geraldo Alvarez Castillo, Jose Marcelo Castro, Edson Alejandro Castillo, Jose Angel Suazo, Claudio Castro, Henry Morales, Leonidas Martinez, Lander Nuñez, and Victor Manuel Castillo, according to The family of the missing people are trying to locate a company in Jamaica that can actually fly out there with a plane that can go out miles over the ocean and carry enough fuel to conduct a proper search,” >click to read< 13:05

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