All about freshness: Local seafood rushed to markets near and far

As the crew of the Jenna Lynn II offloaded its catch earlier this month at the Town Dock, Eddie Gambardella watched as six of his employees quickly filled about 30 boxes with ice and 60 pounds each of fluke, scup, ling, sea bass, squid and other species that slid down a sorting table. The owner of Gambardella Wholesale Fish Dealers already had orders for the catch from his customers, mostly wholesalers in New York City. He credits his late uncle Mike Gambardella, a fierce supporter of the Town Dock fishing community who died in March 2020, as his inspiration.  A color photo of him hangs on the wall, along with black-and-white images of Gambardella’s grandfather and great-grandfather. “Everything I learned was through my uncle. He was my teacher. I never went to college. He showed me everything,” Gambardella said. “I owe everything I have to him. It sucks that he’s not here. I miss him every day.” >click to read< or here 08:17

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