Cheyenne boy with brain tumor raises nearly $50K at Laramie County Fair

Nine-year-old Kenneth Watt was determined to sell his pig at the Laramie County Fair,,, “He told nobody about his condition, diagnosis or anything. This was purely about him and his pig,” Kenny’s mother, Joanne Watt, said last week. Kenny has an inoperable brain tumor, which was diagnosed when the boy was just 3 in 2016. This week, the family got some pretty hard news: Kenny’s tumor has grown 20% since his last scan in June and 28% since May 1. When his diagnosis worsened in May, Kenny began putting together a “vision bucket list,” which contained all of the things he wanted to do and see before potentially losing his vision. Some of the items on his list included visiting the Grand Canyon, seeing the Eiffel Tower and the Great Wall of China and going crab fishing. Photos, >click to read<  16:17

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