Abandoned rigs in the Gulf of Mexico

The abandoned rigs question is already getting a first-rate look by the right eyes – researchers at the Gulf of Mexico Institute at the Harte Research Institute in Corpus Christi. That work, which will require four years to complete, is being funded by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.  It should be allowed to be finished before far-reaching conclusions are drawn. [email protected]

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  1. Dick Grachek says:

    It costs money to remove “…the abandoned underwater sculptures” and inspect and repair the obsolete “plugged” wells that accompany each “sculpture”.

    There are 27,000 abandoned wells in the Gulf and they may be leaking—they haven’t been checked.

    Do you suppose the industry whose investment in “spill recovery technology” consists of oil booms towed around by hastily hired fishing vessels offshore, and in the estuaries, bamboo sticks in the mud anchoring oil absorbent bilge socks and pads (the type available at West Marine); do you suppose that those oil companies with a global history of leaving in their wake destruction, pollution, and political mayhem for whatever target country they’ve decided to drain of oil and gas resources; do you suppose that big oil will spend the significant money required to clean up their mess here at home in the Gulf—especially since they own the bordering Gulf states?

    “Uderwater Sculptures” should be enough of an indication to predict where this will end up.

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