Historic seiner Veteran returns home to Gig Harbor

The Veteran has come home. The historic purse seiner built by the Skansie Boatbuilding Company in 1926 was recently gifted to the Gig Harbor BoatShop and now resides in the same harbor in which it was launched. For nearly 90 years, the boat was used by commercial fishermen, starting with two generations of Gig Harbor fishermen, Peter Skansie and then his son, Vincent. They fished in Alaska and the Salish Sea. After Vincent Skansie quit fishing, Whitney Cannery purchased the boat and then about 10 years later sold it to commercial fisherman Francis Barcott. When Barcott suddenly died of a heart attack in 1995 while fishing Veteran in Hood Canal, Barcott’s son sold it to another long-time commercial fisherman, Nick Fahey, who fished out of Anacortes. Fahey fished the Veteran for 10 years, then used it as a pleasure boat until earlier this year when he gave Veteran to the BoatShop. All the time he owned Veteran, Fahey went to great lengths to take good care of it, Click here to read the story 13:49

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