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Don Cuddy – Local Salvage Company has Unique Edge on Marine Work

Two fishing boats going down at Homer’s Wharf in New Bedford harbor in the wee hours of February 5 made headline news, particularly since both were owned by Carols Rafael  Once the media focus turned to the next breaking story the incident was largely forgotten  But the wrecks remained. Fortunately expert help was no further away than Fish Island, home to the Tucker-Roy Marine Towing & Salvage Inc.  This family owned  and operated outfit has acquired considerable expertise from it decades dealing with maritime casualties. >click to read< 19:58

Remember when we were told “Penguins Don’t Migrate, they’re dying!” ? – never mind

WUWT readers may remember this story from last year, where Chris Turney, leader of the ill fated “ship of fools” Spirit of Mawson expedition that go stuck in Antarctic sea ice said: “Penguins Don’t Migrate, they’re dying!” and of course blamed the dreaded “climate change” as the reason. Of course three days later, Discover Magazine ran an article that suggested Turney was full of Penguin Poop. Well, seems there’s a surplus of Penguins now, in a place nobody thought to look, there’s an extra 1.5 million Penguins. From Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. >click to read< 18:03

State kills Atlantic salmon farming in Washington

Atlantic salmon net-pen farming will be phased out in Washington by 2025 under legislation passed by the state Senate on Friday after a tough floor fight and fancy parliamentary footwork. With at least six lobbyists in a last-minute campaign, Cooke Aquaculture Pacific worked hard until the last vote Friday to keep its Atlantic salmon net-pen industry alive in Washington. But in the end the bill, which was buried under a blizzard of amendments, each one defeated, passed on a vote of 31-16. Lawmakers steamrollered through amendments by opponents,,, >click to read<15:51

Indigenous leaders raise ‘serious questions’ about multimillion-dollar clam licence

A backlash is growing against a multimillion-dollar federal bid to promote reconciliation and economic development among Indigenous groups in Atlantic Canada and Quebec. A group that represents 13 Mi’kmaq First Nations in Nova Scotia issued a statement Friday saying it is joining politicians in Newfoundland and Labrador to demand Ottawa reverse its recent decision to award a lucrative Arctic surf clam fishing licence to a company based in Cape Breton that claims to have Indigenous partners in all five provinces.,,, “What we know to be true is that this is anything but reconciliation. This has pitted province against province, community against community, and First Nation against First Nation.” >click to read<12:36

N.S. fisherman robbed of $1,200 of lobster while visiting son with cancer

A Nova Scotia fisherman who was visiting his son with leukemia in hospital was devastated to return to his boat to find $1,200 worth of lobster had been stolen. Trevor Jollymore made the discovery Monday after spending five days with his son, Sean, who has been battling cancer for more than two years. It was a heartbreaking discovery for Jollymore, whose family has been fishing out of Mahone Bay, N.S., for seven generations. And it’s unlikely the theft would’ve been easy – the trap was loaded with 125 lbs. (or 56 kilograms) of lobster.>click to read< 10:49

DFO shuts down fishery, citing First Nations reconciliation

Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) has agreed to cancel this year’s commercial roe herring fishery on B.C.’s central coast, citing the federal government’s commitment to reconciliation with First Nations. The Heiltsuk First Nation and DFO officials were unable to come to a “shared understanding” about the health of the local herring stock. Herring biomass — a measure of health and abundance — has “flatlined” on the central coast, said Kelly Brown, director of the Heiltsuk Integrated Resource Management Department. >click to read< 10:10

Senator Markey seems to have a hold on American Fisheries Advisory Committee Act – S1322

Good Morning, Sam Parisi asked that I send this Bill and some backup information to you as we seek passage of this Bill out of the Senate where Senator Markey seems to have a hold on it thus lengthening and complicating the passage of the Bill. Please see the attached Bill S1322…the American Fisheries Advisory Committee Act. (AFAC) and below please find some background information. If you can support this bill, we would all appreciate a strong letter of support to Senator Markey ASAP. It would be quite helpful if you would please send us a copy of your letter for our communications with the Senator’s office. >click to read< 09:03