Daily Archives: November 15, 2019

Senators Warren and Markey calls for review of Canada’s protections of endangered right whales

Two U.S. senators from Massachusetts, including presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, are calling for an investigation of Canada’s regulatory measures to protect the North Atlantic right whale.,,, Their request notes New England lobster fishermen are currently responding to a federal plan that reduces the amount of rope in the water and requires lines that break more easily. >click to read< 17:47

Islay whisky collection up for auction in aid of RNLI – Scotch Whisky News

The Islay Sea Collection, a group of seven malt whiskies from each of Islay’s coastal distilleries presented in a one of a kind display case is set to go under the hammer in this month’s Just Whisky auction with all proceeds going to the Portrush and Islay volunteer lifeboat crews. The bottles and cask staves, which form the display case, were collected by a group of keen sailors who rowed 110 miles from Northern Ireland to Islay earlier this year. >click to read<  16:45

With the right team, we CAN get a good fisheries deal

John Ashworth writes an important take on how the renegotiated Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration cover fisheries. John is a hero of the Eurosceptic cause, and a critical figure in the campaign to win back British waters. Indeed, I well remember my first meeting in Parliament working for Sir Richard Body, because it was when Save Britain’s Fish campaigners came to discuss whether or not he should take back the whip. So it is with considerable reluctance that I write this. On this occasion, I think he may be wrong. >click to read< 13:56

Top climate hawk bashes first big offshore wind project. Sheldon??

For the past seven years, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse has given a weekly address about the dangers of climate change. Increasingly, some greens wonder if he is full of hot air. The Rhode Island Democrat, one of the Senate’s top climate hawks, has emerged as a leading critic of Vineyard Wind, an 84-turbine offshore wind project proposed in federal waters 15 miles south of Martha’s Vineyard.,,, Whitehouse’s statements echo concerns of Rhode Island squid fishermen, who have emerged as leading opponents of Vineyard Wind. >click to read< 12:21

Let’s Try This Again. Irma Payouts to Commercial Fishermen Delayed, Require Reapplication

Commercial fishermen across the Keys are still trying to get on their feet from Irma as they continue to wait for recovery funds for lost harvest and gear. Due to a blip in the application process and mailing, they may have to wait a while longer. In February 2018, U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross declared a fisheries management disaster in Florida and allocated $44,608,039 to help fishermen recover from Hurricane Irma. <click to read< 10:20

F/V Miss Hailee: Fort Bragg fishing vessel suddenly lay on its side and went down, losing one on board

There had been no obvious sign of trouble, no advance warning, in the moments before the Miss Hailee suddenly began to tilt onto its side during a routine fishing trip off the North Coast last weekend, according to Brian Kelley, whose family owns the commercial vessel. Then, for reasons still unknown, the boat capsized and sank,,, The resulting loss of a young deckhand, Arnulfo “Amigo” Santiago, has left his tight-knit group of co-workers grief-stricken, as people around Fort Bragg’s Noyo Harbor mourn a hard worker and friend. >click to read< 08:57

Video survey says Bay of Fundy bottom littered with plastic

A video survey of the Bay of Fundy bottom turned up some odd objects but by far the most common sight was plastic, particularly bags, said researcher Tony Walker, a professor at Dalhousie University’s school for resource and environmental studies.  Video, click to read< 1.8 million pieces of garbage litter bottom of Bay of Fundy, says study>click to read< 08:01

Maritime industry leaders discuss challenges at symposium

Skagit County’s maritime economy includes everything from boat building and manufacturing, to commercial fishing and recreational boating, to the businesses that support them. A group of maritime leaders is working to address the biggest challenges in the industry, and put Skagit County on the map as part of the statewide Washington Maritime Blue Strategy. A symposium was held in La Conner Wednesday afternoon to kick off the new maritime cluster. > click to read< 07:08