Daily Archives: November 16, 2019

NOAA Argues to Allow Makah Tribe to Hunt Gray Whales off Washington Again

More than two decades ago, Makah tribal members killed a 30-foot gray whale in the waters off the Olympic Peninsula amid bitter protests from animal-welfare activists. The tribal hunt in May 1999 touched off a protracted legal battle that on Thursday took center stage inside a Seattle federal building. The proceedings over the tribe’s treaty right to hunt gray whales are expected to last more than a week in the courtroom-like setting. >click to read< 23:12

Sad day for Newlyn, tragedy for a fishing family.

A Newlyn fishing family suffered a tragic accident yesterday when a crew member who was working on the beam trawler Resurgam. Local emergency services were called to Newlyn Harbour, Cornwall, around 16:15 Thursday afternoon. Sadly, the young man was pronounced dead at the scene. >click to read< 21:05

Rbdf Arrests Dominican Poachers With Huge Catch

Dominican poachers who were arrested by Royal Bahamas Defence Force officials and the US Coast Guard this week were carrying some 30,000 pounds of illegally harvested marine products. On Wednesday, HMBS Cascarilla under the command of Senior Lieutenant Samantha Hart along with the US Coast Guard arrested 17 suspected poachers on board the 76-foot Gerchard II in waters near the Cochinos Bank. The seized boat came into port yesterday at the RBDF Coral Harbour Base.  >click to read< 17:26

LDWF estimate: Louisiana fishing industry sustained $258M in losses during historic flooding

The Louisiana fishing industry suffered an estimated $258 million in losses due to the historic 2019 flooding event, according to a fisheries disaster economic impact analysis conducted by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, Governor John Bel Edwards announced today (11/15). The analysis was submitted to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for helping the state qualify for its portion of the $165 million in fisheries disaster assistance currently available on the federal level. >click to read<  14:06

Bait and switch: Why this food scientist is taking lobster fishermen out for coffee

Zhuliang Tan grins broadly as he explains why he wants to meet with lobster fishermen from across Nova Scotia for conversations over coffee for science. The Dartmouth, Nova Scotia-based food research scientist was laid off during his company’s restructuring this past August, something he now enthusiastically embraces as a blessing in disguise. With numerous published peer-reviewed articles,,, >click to read< 12:48

Steuben man found guilty of shooting fisherman’s dog, Franky the pug

A judge has convicted a Steuben man in the August 2018 killing of a dog owned by a lobsterman he had worked for. At the end of a one-day bench trial Thursday in an Ellsworth courtroom, Justice Robert Murray found that Justin Chipman, 24, was guilty in the shooting death of Franky, a pug whose body washed up on a Winter Harbor beach days after he went missing while his owner was out of town.  Chipman and another man — Nathan Burke, 38, of Hancock — were accused of taking Franky from Phil Torrey’s house,,,  >click to read< 10:43

Salmon and steelhead Band-Aids

Here we go again putting a Band-Aid over a sucking chest wound. Ask anyone who spends time on Washington and Idaho salmon and steelhead waters why the salmon and steelhead are declining and you will get a variation of answers. They will range from sea lions to dams to nets to birds to commercial fishing. by Kelly M. Colliton, >click to read< 09:43

CDFW Announces Quality Delay for Commercial Dungeness Crab in Northern Fishery, and Important Updates to Pending Opening in Central Fishery

In a memo released today (11/15), CDFW Director Charlton H. Bonham delayed the northern California commercial Dungeness crab season due to poor crab meat quality test results. The delayed area in the north includes Mendocino, Humboldt and Del Norte counties (Fish and Game Districts 6, 7, 8 and 9). The northern Dungeness crab fishery is delayed until 12:01 a.m. on Monday, Dec. 16, 2019 pending another round,,, >click to read< 09:03

Death of 2.6 million salmon in Newfoundland reignites debate over fish farming

Fishing captain Gary Snooks pulls his boat alongside a fish cage in Fortune Bay off the southern coast of Newfoundland.  A chunky, pink plume covers the water. Aboard the Sara Ann, sounder equipment measures decaying fish nine fathoms deep – more than 50 feet of rotting salmon. “Everything was just smothered with this fat,” says Snooks, who’s been fishing lobster, herring and scallops in the eastern Gulf of St. Lawrence for 40 years. “There’s a lot of concern among fishermen.” >click to read< 08:20