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Hurricane Ian: Shrimpers rode out the storm on boats. Now they’re left without work

The F/V Aces and Eights precariously perch on land near the Trico Shrimp Co. in Matanzas Harbor. Under the shadow cast by the shrimping boat’s black and white hull, sailors Oriel Martinez Alvarado and Javier Allan Lopez took a breather. The shrimping industry’s long history in Fort Myers Beach, the largest commercial shrimping fleet in the Gulf of Mexico, came to a crashing halt as Hurricane Ian’s storm surge tossed around massive boats like bath toys, most of them now stuck on land. During the storm, Martinez and Lopez worried that the boat they were on, the F/V Miz Shirley, might sink. So they crossed onto the F/V Big Daddy with two other sailors. But now, Martinez, Lopez and other shrimpers are out of a job indefinitely. Photos, >click to read< 17:31

Atlantic sea scallops at lowest biomass in over 20 years and what that means for New Bedford

A Scallop Survey Report presented at the NEFMC meeting Tuesday showed the Atlantic Sea scallop fishery is facing its lowest biomass in over 20 years. Throughout the NEFMC jurisdiction, the survey estimated a biomass decrease of almost 30%. The Georges Bank region saw the largest drop, around 36%. Tyler Miranda, a scalloper Captain and owner who came to prominence during the recent scallop license allocation debate, said that though it is of concern, the announcement does not worry him too much. “Obviously I worry, but what I’ve come to realize about the scallop industry is it fluctuates year to year,” Justin Mello said he felt similarly. “I’m only gonna go into the areas they allow us to, that’s why they call it fishing and not catching.” >click to read< 14:20

What Happened to F/V Southern Wind on Deadliest Catch?

Like any show that’s been on the air as long as “Deadliest Catch” has, there comes a point when new blood needs to be brought in to keep things spicy. And the Discovery hit has indeed brought new faces, and even new fishing vessels into the mix on a fairly regular basis over the years. One of the more recent injections of fresh “Deadliest Catch” blood came with the arrival of the F/V Southern Wind and its even-keeled Captain Steve “Harley” Davidson. Harley and the Southern Wind crew joined the series for Season 17, and though they weren’t exactly the most drama-forward lot that season, they certainly faced their share of troubles. Unexpectedly, neither the vessel nor its captain has been seen on “Deadliest Catch” since. Here’s what became of the Southern Wind.  >click to read< 11:57

A fundraiser by Aaron Robinson – Save Shayna Michelle Shrimp Boat

Holden Beach Seafood’s, shrimp boat, the Shayna Michelle (formerly the Winds of Fortune), and crew were trying to make their way back home to Holden Beach, NC before Hurricane Ian made it to our coast. However, Thursday evening, they were stranded about two miles off the coast of Myrtle Beach with engine issues. The coast guard was able to save the crew by helicopter but there was no way to get the boat to safety. >click to read<. and please donate if you can. 08:21