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‘A healthy ocean means a healthy fleet’: salmon, crab, kelp, and climate the focus of annual fisheries forum

Dispatches on the state of California’s fisheries this year have brought “a mix of some glimmers of better news, while still struggling with difficult issues,” California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) Director Chuck Bonham summarized at the 49th Annual Zeke Grader Fisheries Forum on Wednesday afternoon. The forum was moderated by State Senator Mike McGuire as part of the Joint Committee on Fisheries and Aquaculture. In addition to a detailed report from Bonham, the afternoon featured panels on drought and salmon, the dungeness crab season, the state of California’s kelp forests, and aquaculture — as well as a brief public comment period. >click to read< 19:16

Mystery of the disappearing mahi-mahi divides fishermen

At a recent meeting of federal regulators in the Florida Keys, local fishermen raised the alarm that one of the most popular fish they go after – the dolphinfish or mahi-mahi – is fast disappearing from local waters. But industry regulators and the commercial fishing boats, say the plight of the charter boats is more complicated than that. Commercial “long line” fishing is not permitted off the Florida coast and federal regulations allocate the vast majority of the 24.5 million pounds of mahi-mahi allowed annually to the charter boats and their recreational rod-and-reel customers. They blame the larger commercial fishing vessels ,,, Photos, >click to read< 17:19

No Fluke: Locals Fight Offshore Wind Power Project That Threatens Mass Whale Wipeout

If the wind industry gets its way, it’s curtains for the already endangered Atlantic Right Whale. Taking giant industrial wind turbines offshore threatens whales of all shapes and sizes, including the Atlantic Right Whale. Whales already have plenty of offshore industrial activity to contend with. However, where oil and gas extraction, international shipping, and commercial fishing have obvious embodied economic benefits, the only economic benefit derived from wind power is the subsidies it attracts. No subsidies. No wind power. It’s that simple. >click to read< 12:55

Focus on Alternative Fuels

The Padmos Shipyard is taking part in this year’s Holland Fisheries Event, with the spotlight on future-oriented fishing projects. That means less energy consumption, lower CO2 emissions and alternative fuels. The yard is based at Stellendam in the south of Holland and specialises in newbuilds, repair and maintenance of fishing vessels. The company is currently designing conversions of existing fishing vessels to diesel-electric propulsion methods or alternative fuels, according to director Walter van Harberden. Photos, >click to read< 11:07

Donegal seafood sector “hopeful” on fuel aid

Fishing and seafood organisations say the are “hopeful” that the Minister for the Marine is about to announce a national fuel aid scheme for the Irish fleet. They believe the Minister now agrees that escalating fuel costs are causing serious difficulties for the industry. EU funding is already in place to support such a scheme, but to date, Ireland had failed to implement one. Aodh O’Donnell of the Killybegs-based Irish Fish Producers Organisation (IFPO) said: “The survival of the entire fishing sector is at stake. >click to read< 08:14