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L’Ecume II: specialist teams leave Jersey as recovery operation comes to an end

Harbourmaster Bill Sadler has been notified by the States police that there are no further tasks for the teams to complete at the wreck site, after parts of the vessel and the body of skipper Michael Michieli, were recovered as part of the operation’s key objectives. The maritime exclusion zone has now been removed along with the anchors and buoys deployed last month. Specialist teams and recovery vessels, including a 60-metre crane barge which arrived last month have now left the Island. The parts of the trawler recovered from the seabed have been moved to a secure location and the wreck is now in the possession of the States police. >click to read< 21:07

Tentative deal reached that could see snow crab harvesters back on the water

The Fish, Food & Allied Workers union has reached a tentative deal that could see snow crab harvesters back on the water in short order. The FFAW and the Association of Seafood Producers (ASP) have been stuck in a stalemate for weeks over the $2.20 per pound price set by the provincial price setting panel in early April. The industry is worth about $756 million. Many harvesters have said the $2.20 price wouldn’t make for a viable season after two years that saw prices over $7 per pound and the rising cost of fuel and other supplies. However, $2.20 per pound will still be the price for the catch but will remain in place for the entire season, not just for the three-week window offered by the ASP before it sought a price reconsideration from the price setting panel. Video, >click to read< 18:27

Shrimp is the fruit of the sea, and Mississippi has many ways to celebrate National Shrimp Day all month long

As Bubba from “Forrest Gump” said, there are many, many ways to cook shrimp, and restaurants on the Mississippi Gulf Coast are ready to offer dozens of them in celebration of National Shrimp Day. In anticipation of the day created to recognize America’s favorite seafood, National Shrimp Day on May 10, Coastal Mississippi has curated a variety of ways travelers can celebrate all month long. The region, which produces nearly three-fourths the nation’s domestic shrimp, has many unique experiences for seafood enthusiasts, from learning how to find your own fresh catch to exploring the history of the seafood industry. >click to read< 17:46

’Deadliest Catch’: Sig Hansen Admits Producers Make the Show More ‘Dramatic’: ‘That’s What Sells’

Discovery Channel’s hit reality TV series, Deadliest Catch, focuses heavily on Sig Hansen in season 19. Sig and his daughter, Mandy Hansen, are at the helm of the Northwestern, and they’ve given a lot of insight into what life is like catching crabs on the Bering Sea. Here’s what Sig Hansen admitted about the producers of Deadliest Catch focusing on the difficult weather conditions to make the show more “dramatic.” “They shoot thousands of hours of footage, and I can understand that they are trying to put a storyboard together and make it fit. Everything that they film is accurate, but you will see a lot of the more foul weather as opposed to the calm days. I suppose that’s what sells, but the bad weather is a reality.” Also, an interesting video of the F/V Foremost sinking, leading to the construction of F/V Northwestern. >click to read< 13:41

Omega Protein Fishing Partner Christens Two New Vessels, Reedville and Little River

Ocean Harvesters, Omega Protein’s fishing partner, kicked off the 2023 fishing season by christening two new vessels for the Atlantic menhaden fishery. The F/V Reedville and the F/V Little River are the two latest additions to the fleet of Ocean Harvesters, which fishes for menhaden in Virginia and operates a long-term supply contract with Omega Protein. The vessels were christened on Saturday April 22 in a ceremony at Omega Protein’s facility in Reedville, Virginia.  Video, photos, >click to read< 12:44

Shrimp boats held hostage – SEA-NL demands province intervene in northern shrimp ‘hostage situation’

Seaward Enterprises Association of Newfoundland and Labrador (SEA-NL) demands the provincial government immediately intervene in the case of two shrimp boats from Port au Choix that are being denied ice from local supplies because they plan to sell their catches in New Brunswick. “Make no mistake these shrimp boats are being held hostage at the wharf by the local buyer who refuses to let them go,” says Ryan Cleary, SEA-NL’s Executive Director. “The province must investigate immediately, and I’ll be writing a letter to that effect today to Premier Andrew Furey.” Fishermen Barry Plowman and Calvin Gould, owner-operators of the 65 footers Challenger 88 and Nightbreaker, have been geared up at the wharf in Port au Choix since Thursday ready to start fishing shrimp in the Gulf. >click to read< 11:15

10 billion snow crabs disappeared from the Bering Sea. Scientists and fishermen are working together to understand why

The snow crabs’ population in the Bering Sea off the western coast of Alaska has fluctuated for decades. An increase in young crabs back in 2018 gave way to optimism that fishing would be good for years to come, but the hope was short-lived. Gabriel Prout and his family own the fishing vessel Silver Spray in Kodiak, Alaska. He said it was obvious something was wrong the last few years. The Bering Sea fishing grounds are usually covered in sea ice in the winter. But there wasn’t much ice, and they fished further north than usual. Finding snow crabs was still difficult. “It was just very poor fishing,” said Prout. “We searched for miles and miles and miles and really didn’t see anything.” >click to read< 10:15

Surprise ‘farewell’ for award-winning lifeboat cox Mark – but he’s not going far

Award-winning Torbay RNLI’s coxswain Mark Criddle is retiring after 17 years at the helm – but he is staying on as a crew member. Sunday was Mark’s last day leading out an exercise in the Bay as the ‘coxswain’. Old friends, family and crew surprised him on his return to the station. They were joined by the lifeboats from Exmouth, Teignmouth, and Dartmouth, which had come across to escort Torbay’s Severn Class lifeboat home and to celebrate Mark’s formal retirement. The trawlers of Brixham also hooted as he helmed Brixham’s Severn Class all-weather lifeboat back to her moorings. It was a moving event for those watching, and a fitting tribute to Mark’s long and dedicated service. Photos, >lick to read< 09:35

N.J. GOP seeks wind projects halt to see if whales benefit

Four state senators hosted a online hearing about offshore wind energy generation and whale deaths, three weeks after the most recent East Coast whale death was reported and despite the assurances of most scientists and conservationists that there is no correlation. The two-hour hearing came a week after Democrats, who control the Legislature and the governorship, held a similar hearing and many of New Jersey’s major environmental groups said the greatest danger to whales is climate change, not offshore wind generation. “I’ve been labeled a climate change denier and a tin-foil hat wearer,” said Jim Hutchinson, managing editor of The Fisherman,,, U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone Jr., who represents part of the Jersey Shore and who led last week’s Democratic-led forum, said pausing offshore wind projects wouldn’t prevent whale deaths. >click to read< 08:05