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Queensland’s commercial fishing industry ‘torn apart’ by government’s green agenda

After 100 years of involvement in all aspects of commercial fisheries management and consultation, QSIA president Keith Harris said they were now being excluded and ignored in matters that affect every part of their lives. He blamed an extreme green and anti-fishing ideology that the government was unable to walk away from and called for the removal of WWF Australia and the Australian Marine Conservation Society from government working groups. His statements were rejected by Fisheries Minister Mark Furner,,, >click to read< 09:14

Get your fresh, wild caught seafood while you can

Get your fresh, wild caught seafood while you can. That’s the message from third generation Bowen-based commercial fisherman Terry Must. Mr Must has been fishing commercially for 35 years. He said in that time his access to fishing waters off Bowen has been cut by 50 per cent. “We’ve lost half of the area we used to be able to fish,” he said. He said governments and green groups had been nibbling away at the commercial fishing sector for the past 20 years. He warns it could reach the stage where the consumption of wild caught seafood in Australia becomes a thing of the past. >click to read<11:19

Rec Fishers, environmentalists join forces in NT debate (attack) over impact of finfish trawling

89914-004-FA5DC9A7Amateur fishers have banded together with charter operators, environmentalists and some commercial fishers to raise an alarm about the ecological and social impacts of finfish trawling in the Northern Territory. The unusual alliance has been drawn together as stocks of some of the Territory’s most-prized fish species dwindled. The groups – which have often been at odds with each other – have come together with the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) to raise their concerns.,, Amateur Fishermen’s Association of the NT (AFANT) chief executive Tristan Sloan said AFANT had received reports of damage in the Timor Reef from finfish trawling, and likened it to the “maritime equivalent of two … bulldozers and a length of chain dragging along the bottom, dredging up all the coral”. Read the rest here 11:27

Australia: Calls for a long-term strategy to protect threatened marine species from commercial fishing

There are calls for the Federal Government to develop a long-term strategy to protect threatened marine species from commercial fishing. Every year thousands of protected species are killed as bycatch.  The Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) publishes a quarterly report detailing how many protected species have been killed in Commonwealth waters. The Australian Marine Conservation Society’s Tooni Mahto said the numbers were unacceptable. (but they never are, eh Tooni?)  Meanwhile, In the Small Pelagic Fishery,,, Read the rest here 20:07