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Not exactly a breeze: Offshore wind still faces challenges

Amid all of the challenges that could face offshore wind power along the East Coast — legal disputes from commercial fishing advocates, construction plans altered by whale migrations, President Donald Trump’s emphasis on revitalizing fossil fuels and more — some promising news for renewable industry supporters arrived in mid-March. That’s when a telling indication of how offshore wind power might fare under President Trump was delivered, after an uncertain, wait-and-see winter. Following months of silence about offshore wind, a statement by Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke gave an early glimpse of the administration’s tone. click here to read the story 09:22

Wind Farm Conflict: Fisherman, “I feared for my life”

John Worthington was out trawling a catch on his 10m fishing vessel Mi-amor (FD1) when his boat and the 20m plus survey vessel Fairline Surveyor, employed in the windfarm industry, came within just a few metres of colliding. Had the two vessels made contact, the veteran fisherman says his boat would have been destroyed and he could have been killed. Mr Worthington, 51, of Troutbeck Avenue, captured the incident on camera and says it outlines the difficulties the inshore boats are now facing as the windfarm industry expands. DONG Energy is in the process of creating the new Walney Extension wind farm project just off Walney Island in Cumbria, but some of the waters coincide with where the fishermen ply their trade and the two parties are currently involved in a dispute over compensation. DONG says it has received no complaint about the near collision and insists safety is a priority. click here to continue reading the story 07:59

Fishermen are fighting windfarm company Dong Energy for their future

Fleetwood’s last remaining fishermen have staged a stirring flotilla protest as they desperately fight to save their livelihoods. Eight of the town’s remaining ten fishing boats were adorned with giant banners yesterday afternoon as they sought to highlight their struggle with windfarm company Dong Energy. One banner proclaimed “Wind farms taking over fishing grounds. Fleetwood fisherman Will Bamber says the protest is over plans to extend an already large windfarm in the Irish Sea. He says DONG Energy’s plans could force boats out of their fishing grounds for an entire year – the whole of 2017 – and kill off their livelihoods. Mr Bamber, 33, spokesman for the Fleetwood Commercial Fishermen’s Group, said: “I might be wrong, but I think this could be the first official protest at sea by Fleetwood fishermen. Read the story here 08:34

Vineyard Fishermen Give Cold Shoulder to Denmark Offshore Wind Developer

ae_dong_mattmayhew_wesbrightonA representative from Denmark’s largest energy company had a cold reception in Chilmark this week as commercial fishermen and others discussed a proposed wind farm south of the Vineyard. Andy Revill, a fishermen’s liaison for Dong Energy, traveled from the U.K. to meet with fishermen in preparation for mapping a large area of the sea floor where the company plans to install up to 100 turbines. The 472-square-mile lease area begins 15 miles south of the Vineyard and extends diagonally to the southwest. Mr. Revill said March would be too soon in terms of planning, but he was confident the obstacles could be overcome. “You guys sent people to the moon, so I’m sure we can work this out,” he said. “The moon would be a much better place for a wind farm,” replied Mr. Brighton. Read the rest here 09:21

Have wind turbines ruined Britain’s prized lobster haul?

This area of the North Sea is by far the UK’s most prolific lobster ground. Before the boats were barred from entering it, in mid-2013, to allow for the construction of a 35-turbine windfarm, it provided more than 15% of the 3,500 tonnes of lobster taken from UK waters every year. Landed at Bridlington, and the smaller the lobsters – and a large quantity of crabs and whelks – are mostly exported and are highly prized in France, Spain and Portugal. Read the rest here 18:08

Norfolk crab fishermen forced out to make way for offshore wind farm works

red_02fishermen.jpegSo far 20 out of 24 fishing vessels operating in the affected area have refused offers of compensation made by the company, claiming they are inadequate to cover their lost catch from having to move to a less crab-rich area for a period of up to 90 days at peak fishing season. Read more here 16:57