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Gloucester Police Department investigating apparent attempt to sink family’s fishing vessels

Officers responding to a report of vandalism at Captain Joe’s Marina at 95 East Main St. found three boats with holes drilled into their hulls, according to the Gloucester Police Department. Police say a vandal cut the padlock off of a cabin door on one vessel and sabotaged an array of pumps, causing thousands of dollars in damage. Mark Ring, chairman of the Gloucester Fisheries Commission, says he is shocked and baffled by the incident because the boats belong to two well-respected brothers. Video, >click to read<19:36

Family’s fishing vessels vandalized in Gloucester

Police were called to Captain Joe’s Marina at 95 East Main St. for a report of vandalism on multiple lobster boats. Upon inspection, police found that someone had taken the padlock off the cabin of one vessel and drilled several holes through the hull of the boat with the intention of sinking it at the dock. A fellow fisherman had noticed the vessel sitting low in the water and called the owner. Besides the holes, the owner found the bilge pumps had been sabotaged and his emergency pump had been disabled. >click to read< 08:00