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The last moments of the Bounty, the ship with Maine ties that fought Sandy and lost

PORTSMOUTH, Va. — The ship’s engineer was seasick and spitting up his medication. A deckhand had been tossed past the mainmast, breaking three ribs. The captain had been slammed against a cabin table, wrenching his back. He could barely walk. continue

Federal scrutiny on the Bounty’s ill-fated final voyage

More than a week before Hurricane Sandy became a superstorm that would zero in on New York and New Jersey, the captain of the tall ship Picton Castle decided to play it safe and stay home. Another captain sailing roughly the same route headed out to sea. The HMS Bounty sailed dead into the path of Sandy. Read more here

HMS Bounty crew member dies and captain missing in stormy seas

Dramatic footage of the HMS Bounty rescue released by the US Coast Guard Link to this video

When the Bounty set sail last week, the captain running the ship made famous in Hollywood adventure films believed he could navigate around hurricane Sandy and weather the storm. After two days in rough seas, he realised his journey would be far more difficult.http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/oct/30/hms-bounty-crew-member-dies