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What It’s Like Fishing for Lobster as a Woman

It’s 5 a.m. and Krista Tripp is loading her 36-foot boat, preparing to head out on the waters off of Spruce Head, Maine. She’ll spend roughly the next 12 hours on the boat, working either by herself or with a stern(wo)man to bait traps, measure lobsters, pull up buoys, hauling anywhere from 200 to 300 lobsters in the day, which she’ll sell at the local wharf.,,, A third-generation fisherman, she grew up going out on her dad’s boat, watching the crew work from the time she was a little girl. >click to read< 17:01

For Maine lobstermen, conservation and success go hand in hand

It’s 7 a.m. on the Pull n’ Pray. The lobster boat rocks over large swells as the water sparkles in the June morning sun. The grating whirr of the hydraulic winch drowns out the hum of the boat’s motor as it lifts the first lobster trap of the day out of the water. Justin Papkee swings the trap up onto the side of his boat and quickly opens the latch. Suddenly there are lobsters flying through the air. Mr. Papkee’s blue rubber gloved hand is nearly a blur as he reaches again and again into the open trap, tossing the lobsters back into the water rapid-fire before pulling in the next trap. >click to read<12:28