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SURETTE: Open-pen fish farming a mess: How the world is passing us by

There’s big stuff happening in the dirty world of open-pen salmon farming. World production of farmed salmon is declining and prices are rising accordingly. The main culprit is sea lice grown immune to the chemicals used to wash them off, helped by algae blooms, fish disease, pollution, damaged wild stocks, and finally political disgust with the whole mess in the more enlightened jurisdictions. The move now, worldwide, is to either haul production to dry land or otherwise insulate the at-sea operations from the surrounding environment,,, >click to read< 18:28

READER’S CORNER: Boycott open-pen fish farming products – Fred Giffin, Hantsport

The  and governments are likely quite pleased that attention to this crisis has died down a bit. It’s time that it was brought back to the forefront. Here are some unanswered issues: What is being done about the Doelle-Lahey report? Two lawyers pocketed a significant amount of taxpayers’ dollars to relay what every coastal resident already knew about the disastrous pollution, disease and poisons of ocean-based fish farms, seemingly to have their findings shelved by the Liberals. Read the rest here 12:12