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Fisherman Settles Ventura Harbor Diesel Fuel Spill Case

District Attorney Erik Nasarenko announced that Carlos Nelson Rivas, of Camarillo, entered a settlement with the District Attorney’s Office following an unlawful deposit of a toxic substance into the Ventura Harbor. Rivas is the owner of Rivas Fish Company Inc., and former operator of the commercial fishing boat, F/V Albatro. Rivas was charged with unfair business practices based on negligent maintenance of the boat which caused it to partially sink and release diesel fuel into the harbor. >click to read< 12:39

Ventura Harbor set for dock improvement project

Port district staff announced work on the Ventura Harbor Village Marina Dock Improvement Project would begin in mid-May, allowing the harbor to expand its commercial fishing operations. The anticipated budget is $4.5 million, with upgrades being made to utilities and infrastructure of the dock systems.Ventura Harbor also has a large recreational boating presence, meaning boaters, anglers, commercial fishermen and other watercraft users will have to work a little harder to maintain a fluid co-existence. The harbor is also one of the largest markets for California squid. >click to read<17:27

Working Waterfront: Several hundred tons of squid offloaded in Ventura

The smell of squid filled the air Tuesday morning at Ventura Harbor, where workers were bustling to offload hundreds of tons of it. The morning’s activities represented one of the largest squid hauls the harbor has seen in recent history. Approximately 300 to 400 tons of squid were brought into the harbor, representing a positive turn of events, said Frank Locklear, manager of commercial fisheries and technology at the Ventura Harbor Village Marina. click here to read the story 21:23

Fishing vessel run aground in Ventura Harbor, California

The Coast Guard responded to a grounded vessel south of Ventura Harbor Sunday. Members of Coast Guard Marine Safety Detachment Santa Barbara and Coast Guard Station Channel Islands Harbor responded to a 36-foot commercial fishing vessel at approximately 1 a.m., after it ran aground near the mouth of the Santa Clara River. MSD Santa Barbara led the response and investigation efforts with the aid of Coast Guard Station Channel Islands Harbor, Coast Guard Sector Los Angeles-Long Beach, Ventura Harbor Patrol, Ventura Fire Department, and Oxnard Fire Department. No injuries or pollution have been reported. The Coast Guard is currently working on the safe removal of the vessel and its contents. The cause of this incident is still under investigation. USCG 08:46

Ventura FD put out Series of Arson Fires – Commercial fishing vessel a total loss

On January 31st at 1:46 AM,  Ventura City firefighters responded to a report of a boat fire in the Ventura Harbor. Upon arrival responding crews found a 50 foot commercial fishing boat 6 feet off the ground in dry-dock fully involved in. Fire suppression efforts initially concentrated on protecting an adjacent building and boat from the flames.  Firefighters were able to suppress the bulk of the flames on the burning boat within 20 minutes of arrival. The boat, however, was a complete loss. Three additional small fires were discovered in the same boat yard at varying intervals throughout the firefighting operations: A fire involving a propane tank of a fork lift, a debris fire in a workshop area and a smoldering rag on the stern of another boat in dry-dock. Read the story here 15:32

Officials work to remove capsized boat near Ventura Harbor

V0013326341--934363A boat remained partially submerged at the mouth of the Ventura Harbor on Monday after hitting the south end of the jetty while returning from a fishing expedition late Sunday night. Most of the 50-foot-long fishing vessel sank in shallow waters after hitting rocks along the jetty. Three people were rescued from the boat and one of them may have required medical care because of hypothermia, Brian Pendleton, business operations officer for the Ventura Port District, said on Monday as he stood on a balcony outside his office and looked across the harbor to the shipwrecked vessel. Read the rest here, 4 photo’s 19:56

BREAKING – Fishermen rescued after boat capsized in Ventura Harbor

CfvlFJNUUAElrQdThree fishermen were rescued after their boat capsized in the Ventura Harbor, officials said. Their 50-foot fishing vessel capsized just before 11:00 p.m. Sunday, officials from the Ventura County Fire Department said. The boat was almost entirely submerged at the tip of the south jetty, officials said. The men were the only crew members on board, officials said. Link Will be updated photo, vcairunit 04:17

Ventura harbor closure takes an economic toll, thanks to strong currents and El Niño conditions

VenturaHarborThe Small Business Administration declared a state of emergency for the Ventura Harbor businesses on Feb. 26, according to a press release. The declaration enabled the administration to directly assist affected businesses in Ventura County and the surrounding areas. Beginning in late January, a build-up of sand in the harbor created shallow waters that closed the harbor until Feb. 19, according to Brian Pendleton, business operations manager with the Ventura Port District. He said the types of businesses impacted include commercial fishing operations, passenger vessels, marinas and boat yards, among others.  Read the rest here 09:59

Wednesday meeting to give update on Ventura Harbor closure

The meeting will be held in the Ventura Marina Mobile Home Park auditorium, 1215 Anchors Way Drive, Harbormaster John Higgins said. Topics to be discussed include the economic losses incurred by commercial fishermen, local businesses and others because of the closure. Port officials blame the Jan. 22 closure on strong ocean currents, El Niño storms and high surf and the resulting large accumulation of sand around the entrance, which has made navigation into and out of the harbor much more perilous. Meeting details, Read the rest here 19:54

Ventura Harbor Entrance Closed Until Further Notice

Ventura-Harbor-ClosedThe Ventura Harbor’s entrance is closed and will continue to be closed for at least the next week, and this is impacting local fishermen. The harbor entrance is the only way fishermen docked in the Ventura Harbor can get out to the ocean and go fishing. Some of them have been trapped in the harbor since Friday, and they say every day that goes by is another day they are losing thousands of dollars. “For us we get a load of squid it is $40,000 a night so for us it’s a big deal,” said squid fisherman Brian Lapeyri. Fishermen who work on the Aleutian Spirit are currently stuck at their dock in the Ventura Harbor. Read the article here 22:07

Boat crash damages pier, docks at Ventura Harbor

fishing vessel named Ferrigno Boy dock crash ventura harborMultiple docks and a pier at the Ventura Harbor were damaged Wednesday in a boat crash, the Ventura Harbor Patrol said. The patrol received many reports about the accident about 10:30 a.m. at the Ventura Harbor Boatyard in the 1400 block of Spinnaker Drive, authorities said. A 70-foot commercial fishing vessel named , a squid boat out of Los Angeles, damaged the pier, docks and utilities so significantly that the area was determined unsafe and it was taped off, officials said. Read the rest here 11:11