The Harvey Haddock Report – Fullabullard to Fishermen, DROP DEAD!

fullabullardAt a meeting here in NYC  on august 12, 2015 the Mid Atlantic  Fishery Management Council voted in favor of  economically devastating quota cuts in the summer flounder fishery of 29% for each of the next three years. 70  commercial and recreational fishermen were at the meeting to plea for a delay so the North East Fishery Science  center  could  review the  stock assessment data using different data inputs. But the council cowardly co towed to Fullabullard’s bullying and  rubber stamped the reductions.

Fullabullard is the Regional Administrator  for the GARFE [Greater Atlantic  Regional Fishery exterminators]. Fullabullard was apparently upset when a fisherman accused him and the council of  stealing his  livelyhood, he then admonished  the council to vote for the reduction, or he would send them to bed without  dinner.

They complied.

At risk is the  east coast’s most popular  recreational fishery and one of the commercial industry’s most valuable. NMFS claims the stock is in a decline  and  severe reductions must be made now or a total collapse  will happen.

Fishermen argued that the  North East Fishery Science Center has  an abysmal track record of successful stock assessments. Of 55 species that have undergone rebuilding programs in the last 15 years, it was later found that 20 of those  species  were never overfished, and never needed for any reduction to their landings. Fishermen claimed this cost the industry hundreds of millions of dollars in lost fishing opportunities.  More disturbing though was the  revelation that of those 20 species  10 of them came from the NEFSC, plus  they had a hand in 4 other highly migratory species on the list, and two other recent species that were added later, Butterfish and Menhaden.

That makes  the NEFSC  responsible for  16 unneeded fishery management plans out of 22 species. No other science center in the country had more than two species on the list. Fisherman Robert Rotor stated  the scientists in the NEFSC couldn’t count two turds in a toilet, but they are  happy to flush his job down the drain. Representatives of the Party Charter boat industry which has already lost more than half of their fleet on the East coast says  this is the last straw the council won’t be seeing them anymore, they were already seeking out  warm heating grates on the sidewalk, and scrounging around  looking for  cardboard box shelters.

Fishermen at the Belford Seafood Co-op in near by New Jersey decried the action as putting the last nail in the coffin. Summer flounder represent 60 % of their annual landings and they cannot survive the reduction. Fullabullards response to fishermen’s complaints was eerily reminiscent to Presidents Fords over 35 years ago  DROP DEAD!
Last year he told  New England  groundfish fishermen  that they didn’t qualify as a fishery disaster and that they did it to them selves. Unfortunately the facts show that the fishermen aren’t catching a third of their allocations due to the  strangling NMFS regulations. One knowledgeable fisherman took me aside and stated that in his opinion Fullabullard  was in a personal competition to see if he could bankrupt more fishermen than his recent predecessor Pat Urkel.
When she was asked how she felt about  putting so many people out of business she replied, “Did I do That?.
Mr. Fullabullard was unavailable for comment as we went to press he was apparently having red Snapper for dinner with the Walton Family. Later this week he has a big game fishing expedition planned with members of the Pew family aboard the Marcus Langsuch. They are going airgun fishing for Fin whales, apparently the vessel has bagged two in the last month, and Alfred wants to get one before they’re aren’t any left.
 Reported by Harvey Haddock

3 Responses to The Harvey Haddock Report – Fullabullard to Fishermen, DROP DEAD!

  1. illusion1256 says:

    Who ever wrote this, this is great and somebody should put it on wall at the next council meeting.

    • Joel Hovanesian says:

      Sad but true. Perhaps when Mr. Fullabullard is done destroying everything in his path he will move on to owning an observer company like one of our past regional administrators. Or better yet a company in charge of looking at camera data from fishing vessels. Cameras that no one wants. These are the definitions of crony capitalism. Create rules and regulations then have those in power profit from their implementation. Time for a revolution. When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty!

      • Borehead says:

        They say you can’t teach an old dog new trick’s, but, Andy Rosenburg has laid the groundwork for others to weasel in on a good thing. Predatory programs for the “connected”. It wouldn’t surprise me.

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