To our valued readers and supporters of


From the moderator:

To our valued readers and supporters of Please allow us to thank you for your valued support, input and allegiance to this effort of connecting fishermen who share common industry interests worldwide.

We started this site with a vision of creating a platform for like-minded people that would be a “Go To” place for all fisheries related issues. We believe from our hearts that we have accomplished this goal.

Since August of 2012, and every single day of the year since then, this site has kept up with the goings on around your communities. Statistics demonstrate that we have been on an upward trend from the outset, even outperforming other well-known seafood industry websites. From 8218 visits the first four months, we had 1,517,166 visits in 2017.  From the politics of fisheries issues to the tragedies that have befallen us, and everything newsworthy that has fallen in between, we have relentlessly sought out the news and consolidated it onto a single site to keep you all informed. Your attendance on this site has been nothing short of amazing and for that we are truly grateful.

Until now we have kept the lights on by having industry related businesses advertise with us for a very modest fee, our personal subsidization, along with the generous gifts from angels when we needed help. Despite our efforts to increase advertising, our goals have fallen short for one reason or another. Undoubtedly, money is tight and advertising budgets can be the first to feel the crunch of tough economic times.

For almost 7 years we have attempted to weather this economic storm here at and have never considered making this a membership only site with dues paid for access. This policy will continue. However, we need to come to the realization that like all enterprises there needs to be support to allow it to continue to thrive. For this reason we humbly ask you to consider contributing to the site so we can continue to keep you all informed going into the future as we have done in the past. We have thought long and hard about making this request but going into this new year there simply is no other way. We will continue to seek advertising from vendors but we also need to try to get some modest support from our valued readers.

A link is available for donations starting at $10, which can be made a recurring monthly donation if you so choose. We will continue to keep you updated just as we have, and will continue to look to a brighter future for this industry.

Thank you all for your support and may God Bless each and every one of you in the New Year.