Nature Con 2014 with GoPEW Villian 3 Video

Here at Nature’s Conservancy we are very excited about the Nature Con 2014 with GoPEW Villian 3 Video, the latest innovation in environmental defense and monitoring. Surveillance of environmentally dangerous activities like fishing, wood cutting, and cattle ranching occur in environmentally sensitive habitat areas every day. Many of the people involved in these activities are little better than common outlaws. We must have continuous monitoring of these individuals to bring the guilty to justice, and prevent criminal activity by creating an understanding  that no environmental crime will go unseen and unpunished.

Enforcement Grade Fisherman Surveilance System

Some of you may have been lead to believe that our systems infringe upon the rights of the individual citizen. A common argument has been that the US justice system is based on the premise that suspects are, “Innocent until proven guilty.” When it comes to the environment we answer to a higher standard. The collective guilt of the fishing industry has been well established and is readily available to the general public in many reports from Non Government Organizations (The Gold Standard when it comes to organizations you can trust). The environment is too important to consider the individual suspect’s guilt or innocence. We must assume that any member of the guilty group is in fact guilty until their innocence has been proven. We cannot allow the environment to suffer further damage due to outdated ideology that doesn’t work.


Fishermen that are brought into compliance and have proven their innocence by continuous surveillance of their activities will be rewarded. They will be awarded the, “Environmentally Friendly,” Green Star and allowed to wear it on their person, vessel and it can be stamped on the labels of their product. Fishermen that have the green star will be allowed to sell their fish over the counter at all of the national grocery and department store chains in the US and eventually the rest of the world. Consumers will be happy to know that all seafood carrying this prestigious label has come from fishing that has 100 percent surveillance at all times. They will also be helping to create US jobs in an exciting new industry that employs people to watch fishing and other environmentally dangerous activities on TV (Something the Discovery Channel has Americans doing for free).
Green Star
Nature’s Conservancy would like to thank you for supporting our important work in this vital mission to protect the environment.