Connect the dots…


March 21, 2014

Oceana was established in 2001 by a group of leading foundations — The Pew Charitable Trusts, Oak Foundation, Marisla Foundation (formerly Homeland Foundation), and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. 

—Pew Foundation as most people now know is the Joseph N. Pew (Sunoco Oil) fortune, with holdings in Exxon Mobil and other major oil companies.  superecoman

—Oak Foundation was started by Alan M. Parker the current President of Government Group of ENERGY SOLUTIONS, INC a natural gas consulting firm. 

—Marisla Foundation is the Getty Oil fortune.

—And Rockefeller? The Rockefeller Bros. Foundation: Standard Oil and Exxon Mobil should ring a bell.

Now it’s no secret that there are vast reserves of oil and gas smack dab under our most prolific fishing grounds; and it’s no secret that the oil companies have plans to profit from those reserves (see OCS 5 Year Plan).  So it should also be no secret that these (mega- industry money) “Foundations” do not invest all those millions (hundreds of millions) in environmental “non-profits” such as Oceana for nothing—they are looking for a “handsome return”.  They are looking for the execution of their profit-securing agendas masquerading as environmentalism.

This latest by Oceana is just as bogus and misleading as the campaigns that they have launched previously (Swordfish, Tuna, forage fish Sardines and Menhaden, Sturgeon, River Herring, etc. etc. ad nauseam).  By-catch is a function of ridiculously restrictive fishing limits on what are now abundant stocks after decades of rebuilding. In the fishing community there is no interest in a free-for-all; but the needed accurate unbiased science and intelligent cooperative management do not result from mega-funded hyperbolic media campaigns trumpeting the crisis du jour such as this latest from Oceana: “Bycatch, or the catch of non-target fish and ocean wildlife, is one of the largest threats to maintaining healthy fish populations and marine ecosystems around the world” as their thesis statement reads. So birds, ocean mammals, predator- prey relationships among fish, ocean acidity, variations in prevailing currents, winds, ocean temperatures, lack of estuarine rookeries due to shoreside development, wind farm construction and bottom disruption, oil spills, drilling “mud” toxic and constant rig leaks, runoff pollution from factories or farm and lawn fertilizers, sewage treatment runoff, imbalances due to ill-advised regulation where one species dominates a particular piece of bottom at the nutritional expense of other resident species—all have absolutely nothing to do with the health of fish populations…Huh Oceana?

The question is why would anyone trust anything that comes from organizations such as Oceana concerning the effects of fishing when a few hours of research will give you an entirely more enlightening picture of their motives and what’s really going here: plans to destroy one of the cleanest food sources left on the planet as an “inevitable” consequence of our “energy needs” i.e., turning the ocean into an enormous marine industrial energy center—oil and gas rigs (and slicks) interspersed with windfarms and soy-fed cod in aquaculture cages.

Fishermen have been fighting the incursion of the Oil-igarchs on the fishing grounds for decades. Please join us! Please do not believe the anti-fishing propaganda and the media that presents it as legitimate information without professional scrutiny. 

(Pauly is on the Board of Directors of Oceana)  Yikes! Right there’s your “smokin’ gun”!

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