Grachek: Connect The Dots – The question is why would anyone trust anything that comes from organizations such as Oceana?!!!

superecomanNow it’s no secret that there are vast reserves of oil and gas smack dab under our most prolific fishing grounds; and it’s no secret that the oil companies have plans to profit from those reserves (see OCS 5 Year Plan).  So it should also be no secret that these (mega- industry money) “Foundations” do not invest all those millions (hundreds of millions) in environmental “non-profits” such as Oceana for nothing—they are looking for a “handsome return”.  They are looking for the execution of their profit-securing agendas masquerading as environmentalism.  Read more here  17:43

Read Wasted Catch: Unsolved Problems in U.S. Fisheries here. Click the links, Read the bio’s! This is telling – “While bycatch data is often outdated and inaccurate, researchers estimate”,,,

7 Responses to Grachek: Connect The Dots – The question is why would anyone trust anything that comes from organizations such as Oceana?!!!

  1. This eventually has to come to light. You’d think that true conservationists would side with the Commercial sector in partnership to to put a stop to Big Oil’s agenda. It would make an awesome alliance.

  2. - Moderator says:

    We’ve been pointing it out for years as these shameless charlatans keep lining their pockets with corporate dollars from some of the loathed 1% they claim to abhor. Hypocrisy abounds.

  3. jj says:

    Is that a picture of Ted Danson playing the role of super-eco-man? I can’t stop laughing!

  4. Ed Everich says:

    All you have to do is look at the oil off Newfoundland and Labrador to see what is on the near horizon for the Northeast. George’s was profiled and drilled in the 60s and 70s it just hasn’t been economically right to tap the gas and oil that have been found. The fishing industry is degraded to the point where that won’t be an issue when the time comes to think about production. Put some money on the table when the fishing industry really dries up and see where the jobs appear.
    History has shown what will happen, look at the Gulf, look at Alaska, Yukon Territory. Anyone in the fishing industry who is young enough and smart enough should get their Coast Guard license ASAP before every coon ass and redneck from the Gulf takes their chance of a job away.
    Ed Everich

  5. John Rice says:

    I happen to know, first hand, that the fishing industry sold their soul to the devil already. They agreed to not stand in the way of drilling offshore, in favor for a favorable haddock SA… me, it happened.

    • jj says:

      I would be interested to know who sold the soul of the fishing industry for a bunch of haddock that we can’t even catch. Often it seems those who claim to represent fishermen are in bed with the douchebags that are screwing us the most.


    Trust Oceana? That would be like trusting Ted Danson. He’s been covering his short comings for decades on TV. He is true as the Rag he wears.

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