The Alaska Fisheries Report December 31, 2014

afr_logo_screen_sizeComing up this week, it looks like there’ll be lower harvest limits for Prince William Sound black cod; we hear about cchanges coming up for the groundfish and halibut observer program, and everything that’s old is new again – well, insofar as an ancient mollusk in the Arctic Ocean is concerned. All that and more, coming up on the Alaska Fisheries Report. Listen to the Report here 18:44

Elver fisherman starts serving 90-day jail term for evading $60,000 tax bill

deraps123014.JPGDanny Deraps, 43, who caught more than $700,000 worth of elvers in 2012, was found guilty of theft and three counts of tax evasion after reaching a plea agreement with prosecutors last March. State officials have indicated that Deraps earned more than $700,000 from elver fishing in 2012 and nearly $70,000 more in lobster fishing income that same year. Bernstein declined to disclose Deraps’ income from elver and lobster fishing in 2010 or 2011. Read the rest here 16:37

Wanchese’s Daniels family in agreement on sale to Canadian Cooke Aquaculture – What about the US Quota?

Canada WancheseSources have questioned how Cooke, also family-owned and based in Blacks Harbor, New Brunswick, is going to structure buying some or all of Wanchese, seeing as non-Americans can only own 25% of US fishing quotas. The company owns 11 fishing vessels in the US, catching scallops, fish, and shrimp up and down the East Coast, as well as two operating for sea scallops in Argentina. One source said maybe Glenn Cooke, co-founder and CEO of Cooke, means to keep some of the Daniels family on to be the face of the US entity used to acquire other US quota assets. “Interesting and very tricky,” he said of this. Read the rest here 14:01

Fisherman hopes community supported fisheries program takes off

Under the Ruthie B CSF, shareholders pay $50 for 10-pound shares. Community supported fisheries aren’t Blount’s invention. In Gloucester, the Cape Ann Fresh Catch program offers shareholders access to the fruits of the sea, with pickup locations throughout Greater Boston. Blount appears to be the only one in New Bedford offering a CSF, but he’s convinced it will catch on. Read the rest here 10:23